Uber is the most prominent rideshare company worldwide. This huge company is a big part of the emerging gig economy that is allowing millions of people to make a full or partial income. You’ve probably seen Uber in the news, with all of their constant improvements to their platform.

Uber provides a source of extra income for drivers. They also get to be their own boss and can drive whenever they want. Even more than that, Uber is helping to make transportation easier, faster, and better in many cities worldwide.

With over 3 million drivers transporting about 75 million riders, Uber is becoming a global phenomenon. You can order an Uber in over 81 countries worldwide, seamlessly and quickly. But human connection is a major part of our existence. It is likely that you as a rider have formed a bond with one of your past drivers. You might want to have them drive you again the next time you need to go somewhere. The question is, is that even possible on the Uber platform? The answer is Yes and No. You will learn how to get your preferred driver on the Uber platform soon. But before that, let’s talk about how the Uber Platform works.

How Can I Order A Ride On The Uber App?

Uber is a transportation network that enables users to order rides on their phones. A driver then arrives at their location to take them to their destination. The fare is paid and the driver and rider each go their separate ways. Sounds simple, right? But how does this entire process work exactly?

Ordering a ride on the Uber platform starts with downloading the app from your App store. You can download it from either the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Be sure to download the Uber rider app as there is another app for drivers.

The next step is to register on the app. You will only need your phone number and your email. You will be required to confirm both of them too. But before you can order a ride, you will need to input your credit card details. This is because Uber is a largely cashless platform and all transactions happen in the app.

Now, to order your ride, you will need to input your location and your destination. The app will then automatically calculate your estimated time of arrival, and map out the fastest route to your destination. Finally, it will show you the estimated fare price for your trip. You can then request your driver to come pick you.

As soon as you order, the app will start searching for the nearest driver to you. Once the driver accepts, you will be able to track their movement as they drive to your location. You can also call them if you need to give them any additional information.

When the driver arrives, be sure to check that the information on the Uber app matches the car and driver before you get in. Check things like the license plate numbers, and the picture of the driver. When you have confirmed that everything is okay, you can get into your Uber ride and start the trip.

At the end of your trip, the fare amount will show on your app. This amount and the amount you wish to tip your driver will be paid with your linked credit card. You also get to rate your driver at the end of the trip. Did you have a pleasant trip? Was the car clean and smelling nice? Was your driver courteous? These are the factors that your rating will depend on. Note that a perfect rating is 5 stars.

With Uber, you literally have your own chauffeur driver on speed dial. The only difference is that that driver is a new person each time and drives a different car. But what if you want that driver to be the same person each time, driving the same car?

Can I Request A Specific Driver On The Uber App?

There are times that you wish you could get the same Uber driver that has taken you somewhere on a previous trip. There can be several reasons for this. Maybe you really created a vibe with the driver, or their car is one that you’ve always wanted to ride in. It could even be that the driver lives near you and it is just convenient to use them. But is this even possible or allowed?

Well, according to Uber, riders cannot request a specific driver. When you request a ride, the app will send the request to nearby drivers. That is all they can guarantee. That’s a bummer, right? Well not quite. There is a simple trick that you can use to make sure you get that driver that you want. Here is how:

Stay Close To The Driver And Request A Ride

Normally, when you request a ride, Uber matches you to drivers based on the closest drivers to your location. This makes sense because the closer the driver is to you, the faster they can arrive at your location. This is one of the main advantages Uber has over traditional taxis.

Something that could be confusing is that when you are requesting a ride on the Uber app, you see several cars around you on the map and you might think that gives you the freedom to choose which driver you want. But that is not so. The app shows those drivers so you know a driver will arrive at your location quickly.

So, if you want to get a specific driver as a passenger or a specific rider as a driver. You will need to get their phone number and then call them to come to you when you need a ride. Make sure the driver is online and you are sitting right beside them, then request a ride. It is very likely the ride will go to the driver because they are the closest to you.

This does not work in some instances, though, especially at airports. At airports, the Uber algorithm uses a kind of queuing system. The first drivers to arrive get the first set of requests and so on. So it will be hard for you to jump the line.

Another instance this method might not work is if you are requesting a ride at a very large event, somewhere with thousands of people, like a football game, an awards show or something similar. When there are many ride requests at the same time, it tends to mess with Uber’s algorithm.

You have to be careful about this though. Uber has a huge fraud department and they might flag you if they notice the same driver keeps giving you rides. It’s nothing serious really; they might just put the account on hold thinking some kind of fraud is afoot.


Now you know the exact trick to use when you want that specific Uber driver to take you to your destination. Of course, you could also just get the driver’s number and call them to take an offline trip. But then they would be operating as a private driver, not as an Uber driver.

Although it isn’t easy to request specific drivers on the Uber app, you can manipulate Uber’s algorithm to get the driver of your choice. What if you don’t get your preferred driver on your first try? Try again until you get them. It is really that simple!

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Chapter 3 – Can I Request A Specific Driver On The Uber App?

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