It’s Christmas season! For a lot of people, it is the most exciting time of the year. Uplifting Christmas songs, green trees, decorations, wrapped gifts and plenty of love and cheer to go around. Who wouldn’t like all that positive energy swirling around? But then, another part of the holidays that is not always so visible is the huge amount of spending involved.

Yes, there is always something to pay for, it sometimes seems like it never ends. Even for the most low-key celebrations, there is a whole lot of stuff to buy and a lot of things to get ready. Decorations must be on point. Everyone in the house must have new clothes, gifts, and decorations too. Of course, you cannot forget the food. It can be overwhelming and stressful, making all the arrangements and spending all the money. Not to worry, there is something really exciting that can help with that.

A good way to make it all a lot more stress-free is to make some extra income during the holidays. If you are already a rideshare driver, this is great news for you. You are already driving on a rideshare platform and making your money. The exciting thing is you can make even more money by signing up on the Tappin X platform. There are several ways you can earn more this holiday period with Tappin X. Keep reading to find out. Christmas just got the Tappin X upgrade.

ABC Of Driving Rideshare

Driving for a rideshare company is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the gig economy. No wonder millions of people are jumping on the bandwagon and more follow suit every day. It is, for the most part quite easy to get started. Of course, each of the rideshare companies has its own requirements, both for the driver and the car. But they are usually relatively easy to figure out. After all that is taken care of, then you are ready to join the rideshare workforce.

If you don’t like driving, this work could be stressful and might not be the kind of work you would enjoy. You will probably have to drive for long hours, get stuck in traffic and drive long distances. But the great thing about working as a rideshare driver is that you can decide when to work and when not to work. You are your own boss, and you can drive whenever and however you want.

You might also want to  be sure you are a people person before deciding to start driving. This is important because you are going to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Some nights, you could pick a group of drunk and unruly young adults from the club. You could also pick up a totally rude rider that is determined to test your patience. You would be faced with several unusual situations, but you have to be calm and go with the flow. This is what makes you a good rideshare driver. Well, that and the fact that you get rated and you might be banned from the platform you are on if your rating falls too low.

At the end of the day, it is not exactly a walk in the park, but definitely a great way to earn some extra income. You earn as you drive, whenever your feel up to it. You could even keep your regular job and drive on weekends. Alternatively, you could do a few hours after work in the evenings. Whatever works for you, that is the beauty of rideshare driving.

There are several rideshare companies that you can work for. Here are some of the popular ones

Major Rideshare Companies

1. Uber

Uber is the largest rideshare company in the world. Uber was founded in 2009, it had its first office in San Francisco. It was started as a solution to the problems facing transportation in many cities across the world. It has indeed gone a long way, since then, to fix these issues and make transportation easier. Uber has experienced rapid growth and expansion since it started operations. It has now grown to be one of the largest companies in the world with thousands of employees. In the United States alone, there are over 900,000 Uber drivers and about 3 million worldwide. With 75 million riders entering Uber cabs all around the world in 83 countries, the tech company is a pioneer in the gig economy.

Uber started operations as an app where its users can hire black cars for private use in major cities. This was the starting point for them as a company. They eventually grew to add more services as the years went by. Uber has now added several services that are disrupting other industries. UberEats is making waves in the food delivery circuit. Uber For Business provides transportation and logistics for companies and corporations. Uber Freights is also disrupting the shipping and freight industry.

As a driver, driving for Uber, there are a few options to choose from in the lineup of Uber services. There are some that have stricter vehicle requirements. Most drivers go for UberX or Uber Pool. These are the Uber services with the easiest level of vehicle requirements. They accept basic sedan cars, only requiring them to be neat and run well. There is also the more exclusive Uber Black, Uber Select, and Uber Lux services. These require luxury cars that are recent models. Of course, you earn more from these than the basic Uber offerings.

Uber is one of the largest employers of labor in the gig economy. They control around 77% of the rideshare market in The United States. Earning with Uber is a great way to make some extra income.

2. Lyft

Lyft is another rideshare platform you can join to make extra income, moving riders from one place to another. Lyft is the second largest rideshare company in the United States. They started operations in 2012. It is behind Uber in terms of reach and popularity. The company now boasts of a 39% market share in The United States. Much like Uber, Lyft started as a company that made arrangements for carpool rides for people going on long-distance journeys. It has since grown and expanded from that into a full-fledged ridesharing service.

Lyft has a variety of services that drivers can choose to drive for. The basic Lyft service is cheap and affordable and has the greatest number of users and drivers. That is the go-to service for most drivers as it is fairly uncomplicated to register for. The higher-end service is Lyft Lux, like Uber Black or Uber Lux. There is also Lyft Shared that allows passengers to split the cost of a ride amongst themselves like Uber Pool. With Lyft, there are several options to choose from, both as a driver and as a rider.

The pink mustache company has also expanded into some other businesses that have solidified their hold on the market. Lyft Business is one of the extra services that the rideshare company offers. It works like Uber For Business and helps to organize and manage the transportation needs of businesses.

Lyft as a business has been lauded for the fun and engaging environment that the company has created for their workers and riders. Lyft drivers are known to be quite engaging and friendly to their riders. There is even a pink mustache on the dashboard of every Lyft car (in case you forget to have fun).

How To Earn Extra Passive Income With Tappin X

If you are already with Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare companies, you can further monetize your vehicle, without doing any extra work. One easy way to do this is by joining a rideshare advertising platform like Tappin X. They pay you for displaying ads to your riders.

What Is Tappin X?

Tappin X is an in-car advertising platform that pays drivers for showing ads to their riders. Tappin X is one of the leading rideshare advertising outfits in the United States. It brings a unique opportunity for rideshare drivers to earn passive income. They make use of screens placed inside the car, either on the dashboard or in the headrest to advertise to riders. So if you are already driving for Uber or Lyft, this is a great opportunity to earn even more this holiday season.

How Does Tappin X Work?

The Tappin X platform is a simple platform to use. All you have to do to get started is follow the simple steps to sign up and become active. The first step is to get yourself a tablet. If you cannot get one, one can be provided for you, in addition to the headrest mount that you would need. The next thing to do is to download the Tappin X app. When this is done, you can then follow a few simple steps until you complete setting up your account.

You can place your tablet on your dashboard or use the headrest mount. It is very straightforward, you earn doing what you are already getting paid to do, drive. After downloading the app and setting up, open the Tappin X app, sign in with your account and you can start earning. It is as easy as that, no hidden charges or targets. As you drive and the advertising content on Tappin X is viewed by your riders, you earn.

How Do You Get Paid On The Tappin X Platform?

You get paid every time your rider watches the ads shown on the screens in your car. The best part is that there is an easy to use driver dashboard that helps you monitor your earnings.

You can earn up to $200 monthly by simply showing ads to your riders, that’s easy money. An extra $200 monthly can definitely help you take care of some bills without stress.

At the end of each month, Tappin X transfers your earnings directly into your linked PayPal account or bank account of your choice.

Earn Even More With Tappin X Referral Bonus This Holiday

This holiday period, even on top of your passive earnings from Tappin X, you can earn even more through the Tappin X Referral Bonus. With this referral bonus, you can earn from the earnings of other drivers on the platform. There is only one thing for you to do here, refer them. You already drive for at least one of the major rideshare companies. This means you are fully registered with them. All you need to do is to get other driver friends to register on the Tappin X platform.

After this is done, you will then be entitled to a whopping 10% of their earnings, monthly. That is awesome, right? You do not have to do anything, only get them registered and you will be earning even more money. As if that wasn’t enough, you can refer up to 5 drivers, and you get to earn a bonus from each one of them! Tappin X has just made the holidays a cheery one indeed.

Why The Holidays Is A Great Time To Earn With Tappin X

The holidays are the best time to earn extra income with Tappin X. The holidays turn everyone into a shopper. Wherever you are driving, there are probably going to be lots of holiday shoppers that need to go from one point to the other. This increased activity of shoppers will mean you get to carry more riders. This translates to you earning more on the Tappin X platform because more of them will see the ads on your screens.

The holiday period also means that more companies will be looking to get more ads out for their products. Companies selling chocolates, flowers, gift items and so on will have ads all over the place. This will mean more potential earnings for you as a registered driver on the Tappin X platform. You will get to make more money faster from the increased number of ads. This is because more riders get to see more ads which means more earnings for you. As usual, all you need to do to make this happen is just drive.

Finally, the holidays are a great time of love and good cheer, happy and smiling faces all around. More riders are going to be in a good mood which means they are probably going to tip more. This is great for you and means you get to earn even more. Now is the best time to sign up on the Tappin X platform and start earning extra income, doing what you already do.


The holidays are almost here and many people are starting to make plans for the festive season. As a rideshare driver, you are probably planning to work more hours so you can make more this period.

Tappin X is the perfect way for you to earn some much needed extra income this holiday. It will help you take care of some bills without stress. You can earn by showing ads to your riders or referring other rideshare drivers to join the platform and get compensated with 10% of their earnings monthly. You can even do both: Display ads in the backseat of your vehicle and refer your driver friends to join Tappin X. It is a great time to be a rideshare driver.

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