Everyone loves holidays except for workaholics. Holidays give you the liberty to spend more time with your friends and family. It also allows you to give yourself the great treat that you deserve. But, the holidays also come with a lot of spending. For you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, you will need to set aside some extra money.

Without enough money, you cannot visit the places you’ve fantasized about in your head. While most people have a grand plan for their holiday, they had to skimp and trim their plan to fit their budget. This does not have to be the case with you.

Holidays come with a lot of spending. But, you can make enough money to be able to afford the nice things you wish to buy and visit the exciting places you have dreamed of.

Here are different ways you can earn extra income:

Earn With Ridesharing

This is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra income fast. If you have a car, you can earn by registering with a rideshare company. Rideshare companies will pair you with passengers in your proximity who need a ride. The company will pay you for every successfully completed trip. You can make as many trips as you want to make more money. You can even make money if you work during peak hours, as fares are usually more expensive.

Before you consider joining a rideshare company, you should check if they are legitimate and reputable. While there are many rideshare companies, the two most popular ones are: Uber and Lyft. Working with either or both companies puts you in a comfortable position. If your rider is impressed by your service and demeanor, they can decide to tip you. Another benefit you enjoy working with Uber or Lyft is the opportunity to earn extra passive income. You can do this through rideshare advertising, both platforms support it.

Earn With Tappin X

Along with working as a rideshare driver, you can also earn extra money with TappinX. Tappin X is a rideshare advertising platform that pays drivers to display ads in the backseat of their vehicles.

How To Start Earning With Tappin X:

Download the Tappin X app and sign up.

Install a tablet in the headrest of your ride. The tablet will display relevant ads to your passengers. This will help keep your passengers entertained while you drive them to their destination.

Tappin X pays in tokens each time passengers interact with the adverts displayed. The amount of tokens attached to each advert varies. There are local, regional, and international adverts. Tappin X, will pay you at least 50% of your advertisement revenue. Your token will then be converted into cash and will be paid into your account monthly. You can earn anywhere from $800 to $1200. This will give you opportunity to afford luxury gifts for your loved ones during the holidays.

Tappin X also has a referral program. This program will pay you 10% of the total revenue of the drivers you refer. The program allows you to refer up to 5 drivers.

Sell On eBay

Selling on eBay is another way that you can make extra money to afford your holiday expenses. You can sell old stuff like computers, phones and clothes. To sell things on eBay, you do not need to bury yourself in hours of extensive research. But, you need to know the basic things about how to price your product. You also need to know how to write a detailed product description and how to take nice pictures of the item you’re selling.

eBay also allows you to sell new products like jewelry, gifts, and greeting cards. If you’re selling new products on eBay, you will need to conduct extensive research. This will allow you to get products that sell fast. When you’re considering products to sell, you should sell products that are not fragile or heavy. Fragile products are difficult to ship without getting damage. Heavy products are usually expensive to ship.

To get affordable products to sell, you can visit AliExpress or 1688.com.


If you are worried about the upfront cost getting inventory, consider dropshipping. Dropshipping lets you manage inventory and ship to customers without touching the inventory. To dropship, you will need a virtual store. You will also need to partner with suppliers and manufacturers.

Each time you have new orders, you will forward your customer name and address to your supplier. The supplier will then package and ship the product to your customer on your behalf.

Dropshipping doesn’t always need a big budget to get started. With a laptop, a website and a stable internet connection, you’re in business.

Create Digital Products

Apart from selling physical products, you can also create and sell digital products. Digital products range from eBooks to video courses to presentations. They are easy to create and do not need extra money to get them to the hands of your buyers.

Digital products are easy to create. So, most people create without doing market research to see the viability of their idea first. This explains why hundreds and thousands of courses on Udemy only have a few buyers.

Before you create a digital product, you must have valuable information you want to share. This will be the core idea behind your digital product. You will also need to check and prove your product idea.

Validating your product idea will prevent you from creating a digital product that no one cares about.

To validate a topic you can start by researching keywords related to it on Google. You can also check for the keywords on Google Trends. Google Trends will show the number of searches these keywords have garnered over a particular period. Google Keyword Planner is another tool that you can use to check your idea. Google Keyword Planner allows you to analyze the monthly search volume of your keywords.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one sure way that you can make money online during the holiday. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about getting products or providing services. Instead, you’ll get products or services that people are willing to buy, and promote them.

You earn a commission on every successful sale you generate. Affiliate commissions are usually between 5-70%. To make good money, consider promoting products with at least 10% commission. There are affiliate offers for both digital and physical products across different niches. This includes health, finance, entertainment, gaming, gardening, sports and many others. You just have to find a niche that interests you and has a ready market.

You can track your sales using the unique promotional code given by the seller.

Before you promote a product or service as an affiliate, you need to check their credibility. This because there are many scams out there. You want to be sure what you are recommending is legit and actually does what it says it does. You can find good offers on the following platforms:

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Moreniche
  • ShareASale

Sell Stock Photos And Videos

Stock photos and videos are photos and videos that are subjected to usage licenses and are available for commercial purposes. Stock photos can be used for blog posts, magazines, book covers, and pamphlets. Stock videos can be used in a video commercials.

Are you a skilled photographer or videographer? If so, consider selling stock photos and videos. These two are in demand and you can earn extra income from this hobby if you play your cards right.

You can upload your photos and videos on premium sites. These can include: Adobe Stock, Alamy, Shutterstock, Vimeo, and Videohive.

Videos and photos come at different price points. It’s determined by some factors such as how the work is used and where it is used. Oftentimes, photographers and  videographers license their content to be used by others. This way, they still get to keep the copyrights as the original creator.

Run Errands

This is another simple and easy way to earn extra money before the holidays begin. If you have some free time, you can run errands for people in your neighborhood and make some money for yourself. Help them do some grocery shopping, house cleaning, gardening or anything. You simply have to ask them and you’ll be amazed by the number of people who need help. This may not be the coolest thing to do but hey, who cares? As long as you can make some extra money to fund your holiday expenses.


There you have it, some of the practical ways you can make extra money to afford your dream holiday. Are you serious about earning some extra income? Then you should try your hand at these tips because they are some of the legitimate ways you can make quick cash. You definitely won’t need to skimp on your holiday spending!

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Chapter 3 – Earn With Tappin X

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Chapter 5 – Dropshipping

Chapter 6 – Create Digital Products

Chapter 7 – Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 8 – Sell Stock Photos And Videos

Chapter 9 – Run Errands

Chapter 10 – Conclusion


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