Agreed, rideshare driving is a viable way to earn some decent income. But, it becomes a lot more fun when you find a way to earn passive income without doing any extra work. How does the idea of making an extra $300-$500 monthly aside from your rideshare driving income sound?

Well, you can now earn 100% passive income by leveraging the emerging rideshare advertising industry. Do you drive for Lyft or Uber? Would you like to start earning some extra income? You are about to find out how to start making some extra cash with your vehicle without doing any extra work.

What Is Rideshare Advertising?

Rideshare advertising is a unique and emerging niche in the advertising space. It will change the face of advertising in no distant time. Rideshare advertising leverages the rideshare industry. It helps brands and businesses reach their target audience. They do this by displaying relevant adverts in and outside of rideshare vehicles. Rideshare advertising companies work with rideshare drivers. They advertise to riders, passers-by, and people inside other vehicles.

This unique advertising model offers drivers an opportunity to make extra income without any extra work.

Here is a quick breakdown of how it works:

Rideshare advertising companies get advertising and promo offers from brands and businesses.

Rideshare advertising companies then connect with rideshare drivers. The drivers display these targeted ads to their audiences, both in-car and on-car.

Drivers simply continue their normal driving and get paid based on the views and engagements the adverts generate.

It is really as simple as that.

This is a win-win for all parties involved. Businesses get relevant eyes on their products. Riders and passers-by get entertainment and solutions to their challenges. Drivers go home with a check.

Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Allowed To Use Their Cars For Adverts?

You are probably wondering if doing this won’t get you penalized or banned by Uber or Lyft. The simple answer is: No, it won’t.

Uber and Lyft cannot ban you from their platform because you are an independent contractor. So, they have very little say over what you do with your car. In fact, Uber has a partnership with Cargo, which is a rideshare advertising company. This means they don’t have any problem with you using your car for advertisements.

So, how can you start earning passive income with rideshare advertising? First, let’s talk about the types of rideshare advertising options available:

Types of Rideshare Advertising

There are 2 major types of rideshare advertising:

In-Car Advertising

On-Car Advertising

In-Car advertising

In-car advertising as the name suggest refers to adverts shown inside a car. They are primarily designed to engage and attract riders inside the car. In-car advertising uses backseat video screens, flyers and tablets to interact with riders. This format is one way rideshare drivers can make extra cash. All you have to do is display the ads to your riders while you drive them to their destination. You get paid when they view the ads.

On-Car advertising

On-car advertising is designed to target passers-by and people inside other vehicles. So, the advertising takes place outside of the car. The different on-car advertising formats include: cartop video screens, stickers and car wrapping. Rideshare drivers can earn from doing this, too.

Cartop Video Screens

Cartop Video Screens are placed on the roof of cars and show adverts. They are usually connected to the car’s battery and run on their own. These cartop screens come in different sizes and display relevant and targeted ads based on your car’s location. Once you have the cartop screen attached to the roof of your car, you continue driving and get paid based on the impressions generated.


This is another format of on-car advertising. Stickers come in different sizes and formats. They are used to advertise an event or conference in a way that brings massive exposure. You can have have a sticker added to your car and get paid for it.

Car wrapping

Car wrapping usually involves covering a part or whole body of a car with adverts. Wrapped cars are usually called mobile billboards as they penetrate different areas. If you are interested in making some extra income as a rideshare driver, here is your chance. Get your car wrapped and get paid. An example of a rideshare advertising company that operates this model is Wrapify. You can earn up to $300 monthly with Wrapify.

Earning Passive Income With Tappin X

What is Tappin X?

Tappin X is an innovative in-car rideshare advertising platform. It pays rideshare drivers for displaying ads to their riders in the back seat of their vehicles. As a rideshare driver, you can earn extra passive income by working with TappinX. All you have to do is display ads in the back seat of your car, and continue to do what you already do, driving. You get paid when your riders view your ads.

How Does Tappin X Work?

If you are interested in working with Tappin X and earning some passive income, it is easy to get started. The first step is signing up on the platform and setting up your profile. Then get a tablet to display ads to your riders. If you don’t have one, Tappin X will give you a tablet and a headrest mount so you can get started without any problems. Once you install the tablet in the back seat of your car, you start earning as soon as your riders start viewing the ads. You just continue with your driving.

With Tappin X, there are no hidden charges or targets. You are working on your terms and at your convenience. Your earnings are based on your performance: the number of hours you drive plus how well riders engage with your ads. Tappin X ads are unobtrusive, entertaining and laser-targeted, your riders will love them.

Referral Bonus

You can earn more passive income on Tappin X by taking advantage of the referral program. Tappin X allows you to refer up to 5 other rideshare drivers. Then, they will pay you 10% of their earnings monthly for as long as they remain active on the platform. Yea, that’s lifetime recurring commission. This is one of the easiest things to do. You are inviting your driver friends to a passive earning opportunity. Make sure they sign up with your unique referral code so you won’t lose out on the referral commission.

How Do You Get Paid?

Tappin X pays their drivers at the end of every month. Your payment will be sent to your Paypal account or directly to your bank account. Once you sign up, Tappin X gives you access to a central dashboard. There, you can track your performance and earnings.

How Much Can You Make Monthly?

You can earn up to $200 monthly if you drive for 25+ hours weekly. If you decide to refer your driver friends, you get paid 10% of their monthly earnings. You can refer up to 5 drivers and earn 10% on each person.

Earning Passive Income With Firefly

What is Firefly?

Firefly is a unique on-car rideshare advertising company. It uses rooftop screens to show ads to passers-by. This is another good passive income stream for rideshare drivers. If you are not a fan of plastering your car with stickers or getting your car wrapped, you might love this.

How does it work?

Firefly will give you a visual display screen to be fastened to the rooftop of your car. This LED sign will cycle through different relevant and targeted adverts. These ads can change as you drive through different areas and neighborhoods. As a rideshare driver, you can up to $300 monthly working with Firefly, by doing nothing extra.

Currently, Firefly is only available to drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

You can get started with Firefly by visiting their official website.

Earn Passive Income With Tappin X and Firefly

Some great news! As a rideshare driver, you can work with Tappin X and Firefly at the same time! This is because they operate different business models. Tappin X focuses on in-car advertising, targeting riders. Firefly is an on-car advertising agency targeting passers-by. This means that you can have the Tappin X tablet displayed in the back seat of your car while the Firefly LED sign sits on top of your car.

When you combine Tappin X and Firefly, you can potentially earn $500+ in passive income monthly. Again, that’s without doing any extra work.

You can join other drivers earning passive income on Tappin X today by signing up.

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