If you drive your car around a lot like you would if you were driving rideshare, you would understand why one of your highest daily expenses is gas. You have been driving around all day and keeping a wary eye on that fuel gauge. It steadily drops lower and lower. Eventually, you have to spend half of the amount you made driving all day just on gas. Is this a familiar story for you? Not to worry, your gas issues are about to be solved.

What if there was a way to keep all your earnings for the day and not have to spend a dime on gas? There is actually a way to do this! In fact, some rideshare drivers are already taking advantage of this unique opportunity offered by Tappin X.

In this article, you will learn how to start getting free gas for your rideshare car, without doing any extra work.

Driving For Uber Or Lyft And Fuel Consumption

Driving for a rideshare company has been touted as one of the coolest gig economy jobs you can get anywhere. If you really think about it, you will be able to understand the attraction of a job like this. The first, and most compelling reason to join this rideshare driving movement is freedom. Yes, freedom to do whatever you want, work whenever you want, and still make money

Imagine you just closed from work. You have a couple of hours to kill before you go home to watch your favorite football team play. You are probably low on groceries and also a little low on the money you will need to get them. You have had the foresight to register your vehicle with Uber a while back. So what do you do, you pick up your phone, open up the Uber app and wait for a ride. In two hours, you have completed 5 trips and now you have more than enough to get your groceries. You get home with just enough time to spare before your football game starts, and luckily for you, your team wins. You go to bed content, wake up the next day and go to your daily 9-5 job.

That right there is the main reason why Uber and Lyft have so many drivers, the simplicity and convenience of it. You can just login to your app at any time whenever you feel like working and making some extra money. Driving rideshare is a perfect way to supplement your other job earnings. This kind of job would be especially appropriate for you if you are someone that likes driving or meeting people.

Either you are driving once in a while when you need a few bucks, or you are driving full time. You may be driving for Uber, Lyft, Via, or any of the several rideshare companies out there. It does not matter what combination it is, one thing is constant- you will use up a lot of fuel.

Driving up and down busy streets on several trips and sometimes getting stuck in traffic consumes a lot of gas. Depending on how fuel-efficient your car is, chances are that you will go through several tens of gallons of gas per day. Many Uber and Lyft drivers have reported that what takes up the bulk of the money they make driving is buying gas.

The cost of fuel per month for most Uber or Lyft drivers could run as high as $200-$600. Many rideshare drivers would rather not have to spend that much on gas. You do not even have to be a rideshare driver, no one wants to spend that much on gas. It is a lot of money to spend on fuel every month. What if there was a way to earn some extra money? What if you could earn a full fuel tank while doing exactly what you are doing now- driving for Uber or Lyft? You would want to hear about that, right?

Here you go then:

How To Earn Extra Passive Income With Tappin X

Tappin X is a rideshare advertising company that specializes in in-car advertisement. Tappin X is one of the companies in this space that is expanding rapidly and making huge waves. Are you already driving for a rideshare company, whether Uber, Lyft or any other one? This is a great way for you to earn some extra passive income without any extra work.

The Tappin X platform is set up to show adverts to riders on trips inside rideshare vehicles. The signup process is very easy and simple. The first thing you have to do is to sign up on the Tappin X platform to get started on your registration. Before you can start earning with Tappin X, you need to have a tablet. This is where the ads will be displayed inside your car. You will also need a headrest mount that can be used for the tablet. What if you don’t have a tablet? One can be provided for you by Tappin X.

After you are done signing up, and you have the tools you need- the tablet and headrest mount, you are ready to start earning on the Tappin X platform. To start, you need to sign in on your tablet with your username and password. After this is done, just sign in on your rideshare app and pick your next ride. While you are doing that, (something you are already getting paid to do) you are earning with Tappin X when your riders view the ads displayed.

You can even check how you are doing with your earnings on a centralized Tappin X dashboard. You get to see your earnings, how many hours you have worked, basically all the information you might need. This central platform is also quite easy to use and does not require any technical know-how.

You could even still earn more with Tappin X through the driver referral feature. To take advantage of this, you will need to get other rideshare drivers to register with TappinX. After they register and have started earning on the platform, you are going to be paid 10% of their monthly income. That is absolutely awesome, right? The best part is that you can refer up to 5 of your driver friends.

This means you will be earning 10% of what each of them makes. On top of your own earnings, you are looking at a sizeable monthly income, without doing anything extra.

Another exciting part of this whole deal is that there is a way to keep your overhead down by converting your earnings on Tappin X to fuel vouchers.

How To Fill Your Tank With Tappin X

You are definitely going to love this. For a lot of rideshare drivers, buying fuel is what shoots up their overhead costs. Most vehicles gulp a huge amount of gas every day. Even with fuel-efficient or hybrid cars, you would still spend quite a bit on gas.

The good news here is that you can convert your earnings on Tappin X to fuel. Typically, your basic guaranteed earning per month on the Tappin X platform is roughly equal to about 20 gallons of fuel. With 20 gallons of gas for free, you get to keep 100% of your rideshare earnings since you won’t need to spend it on fuel.

The interesting thing is that you practically don’t have to do any additional work to earn on Tappin X. Get signed up. Place your tablet in the backseat of your rideshare car. Then you just keep doing what you already do, driving. Relevant and non-intrusive ads are shown to your riders. You earn as your riders view the ads. You can then decide to convert your earnings to gas. You get free fuel and get to keep your rideshare earnings. It doesn’t get better than this!

There is no better time to be on the Tappin X platform than now. Sign up today and start taking advantage of these amazing opportunities.

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Chapter 1 – Who Wants A Full Gas Tank? Tappin X Has Got You!

Chapter 2 – Driving For Uber Or Lyft And Fuel Consumption

Chapter 3 – How To Earn Extra Passive Income With Tappin X

Chapter 4 – How To Fill Your Tank With Tappin X


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