Did you know that as a rideshare driver, there are several ways for you to earn extra passive income? You don’t even need to do any extra work. You just keep doing what you are already doing and you get to rack up extra money. You will learn about how to do that in a bit.

Many rideshare drivers are already jumping on this and it does not seem like it’s stopping anytime soon. We’re talking about rideshare advertising.

There are a few rideshare advertising platforms and opportunities that you can take advantage of. This article will talk about two of the best out there: Tappin X and Grabb-It Labs, and how you can earn extra passive income with both platforms.

Before diving in, let’s take a look at the concept of rideshare advertising itself.

Rideshare Advertising: The New Way To Advertise

Rideshare advertising is a new industry in the advertising world. It is also one that is making waves right now, among both rideshare drivers and advertisers. This new industry is estimated to be worth about $2 billion dollars by the end of this year, 2020. That is a massive market and it is very easy to tap into it if you are already a rideshare driver.

Rideshare advertising is a form of digital OOH (Out Of Home) advertising. It works by taking advantage of the massive rideshare market. The number of rideshare drivers and passengers that enter rideshare cars daily across the world has provided a prime market for advertising.

Rideshare advertising companies tap into this market by helping businesses reach riders with targeted and relevant ads. These ads can be placed either on the rideshare car or inside the cars. Whichever type is used, they all give the same result: awareness and exposure for businesses.

This new form of advertising has gained popularity for many reasons. The rideshare driver gets to earn more income without any extra stress. The advertiser gets to reach a wide and varied audience easily while enjoying the benefits of very precise ad targeting. Everyone wins!

You only have to keep driving rideshare while you earn extra income. This income comes from the engagements generated from displayed ads. Signing up on any rideshare advertising platform usually comes at little or no extra cost to you. You only need to find a reputable rideshare company that you can work with. Then you check out their requirements (usually the major one is for you to drive rideshare). After that, you can sign up and start displaying ads on or inside your car. The final step is for you to drive, then you earn. You can earn up to $300-$500 per month on some of these platforms. That sounds good right? After all, it is not about working harder, it is about working smarter.

What Are The Different Forms Of Rideshare Advertising?

Like the many other forms of advertising out there. There are different types of rideshare advertising that you can sign up for as a driver. These types depend on where the advertisement is placed on your car. They could either be placed inside the car or outside:

1. In-Car Advertising

Like the name suggests, this rideshare advertising option involves placing ads inside cars. In this instance, it is only rideshare riders that see and interact with the ads. The riders are usually expected to perform some form of action after viewing the ads.

There are usually several ways to show these ads to the rider. It could be fliers or tablets. Usually, screens are placed at any visible space in the car. The usual spots include the dashboard or mounted in the back of the headrest. Ads can also be printed on fliers and given to the riders.

There is a rideshare company that takes a different route with in-car rideshare advertising. With Cargo, you can offer candy and snacks to your riders either for free or paid. If they use your box number to buy the products, you get a percentage. Basically you can offer your riders a great experience in your car while earning at the same time.

2. On-Car advertising

This is basically advertising that is placed in one way or the other on your car. This is more targeted at passers-by and riders in other vehicles. There are different ways to display rideshare advertising on cars. They are:

Car Wrapping

This is an interesting one for drivers who don’t mind their cars being covered with advertising decals. The covering can be partial or complete, depending on what you are comfortable with as the driver. This transforms your car into a kind of mobile billboard. It can be very eye-catching if done right.

Do some research before you have your car covered in ads. There are some states that do not allow it or limit the kind of ad that can be on your car. Make sure you have checked all the boxes before you wrap your car in ads.

Rooftop Screens

This is another type of on-car rideshare advertising that can earn you passive income. A large screen is placed on the roof of your car. The screen displays targeted advertisements that is location sensitive.

The screens are usually large enough to be visible from far off. The rideshare advertising company usually installs the screens for you. You only need to get them installed and you start earning as you drive and the ads start rolling. Firefly is a good example of a company that operates this way.


This is like car wrapping and is very easy to install. The stickers come in different sizes and can advertise a variety of products. This is a valid alternative for drivers that might not want the majority of their cars wrapped in ads. The sticker ads can be visible to anybody in the vicinity of the car.

There is less variety and ad targeting with this type of rideshare advertising. But you can still earn passive income from it all the same.

Rideshare Advertising With Tappin X

Tappin X is an in-car advertising platform. It is a no brainer for rideshare drivers that want to earn passive income. Tappin X displays targeted ads on video screens inside rideshare vehicles. These ads are interactive and are meant to be engaging and informative for the rider. The ads are also targeted which makes them that much more beneficial to the rider. If you are driving for Uber and Lyft, this is a smart way for you to make some extra income.

How can you get in on this great offer, you ask? Here is how:

How To Get Started On Tappin X

Getting started on the Tappin X platform is a very easy thing to do. The process is not long and there are no high and lofty requirements. You can click here to get started. After your registration, you can get a tablet that you then install in your car.

It is okay if you do not have a tablet, Tappin X will provide one for you. Tappin X will also provide the headrest mount for the tablet. After installing the screen in the backseat of your car, you can sign in on the platform. You start earning when your riders start viewing and interacting with the ads on the screen.

You have access to a central dashboard where you can track your performance and earnings.

The best thing about Tappin X is that it is just as good for your riders as it is for you. They get to interact with laser-targeted ads that will most likely be beneficial to them. The ads are usually unobtrusive (they are usually silent). They do not in any way reduce the quality of the experience of your rider.

How You Get Paid On TheTappin X Platform

Getting paid on the Tappin X platform is easy. So, you have registered and your riders have started interacting with the ads. You are earning from every trip you make. At the end of the month, you can either have your earnings transferred to your PayPal account or your personal bank account. The choice is yours.

How Much Can You Realistically Earn On Tappin X?

Most drivers usually average about $200 monthly, that is if you drive for about 25 hours or more weekly. Of course, this is just an average and you can earn even more. This is usually dependent on where you are driving and how well your riders interact with the ads.

You can also earn even more passive income with the Tappin X referral bonus.

The Tappin X Referral Bonus

You get to earn even more with the Tappin X referral bonus program. This is on top of the passive income you are already earning on the Tappin X platform. 


You can invite up to 5 of your driver friends to sign up on the Tappin X platform. If they register with your referral code and start earning on the platform, you are entitled to 10% of their total earnings every month! Yes, you get to earn from other drivers’ work. How much more passive can it get?

To get the 10% bonus, make sure the drivers you refer register with your unique referral code. Once that is done, as long as they are active on Tappin X, you keep earning.

Rideshare Advertising With Grabb-It Labs

Grabb-It Labs is a rideshare advertising company that has decided to go a bit out of the ordinary. They have turned an often forgotten part of a car into an advertising medium: the back windows.

Grabb-It Labs turns the rear windows of your car into a delightful color display screen that streams targeted ads. The cool thing about this type of rideshare advertising is that people are not expecting to see a color screen on the rear windows of your car. This has the added effect of drawing their eyes to it even more than usual.

How Does Grabb-It Labs Work?

Grabb-It Labs turns your car’s right rear window into digital screens by simply projecting on it. Your car window is basically turned into a projector screen.

The insides of the window are coated with a thin material. This material makes it possible for the window to act as a projector screen. It is also thin enough to make it easy to still roll the window down.

But it can make the window hard to see out of, which can be annoying for some riders. A projector is mounted inside the car on the opposite side. This beams light at the window, projecting images that are bright enough to see from the outside.

The overall effect is quite interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Each projector is made to fit each particular car perfectly. They’re customized to flow with the contours of the car. A cool and probably necessary feature is that the ads cut off when a rider enters the car. There is a sensor that can detect when the rear doors open. This means that the ads only play when the driver is between rides. This is reasonable, as no one wants lights beaming in their face during a ride.

There is another feature of the Grabb-It Labs advertising model that makes it stand out. Each Grabb-It Labs enabled car is able to “read the room.” This means that it can read the environment the car is passing through and show ads that are specific to that area.

For instance, your rideshare car could be parked in front of a costume store. Grabb-It Labs can read that and show local deals and sales for that same store. It gives the ads a more local and personal feel.

How To Get Started On Grabb-It Labs

To get started on the platform, you only need to visit their website and register. If all goes well, your first campaign will be ready to go within 48 hours. Grabb-It Labs will foot the bill for the installation in your car.

You start earning when your campaign is up and the displays are on while you are driving. It is also possible to ask for the equipment to be removed any time. They will only remove the coating and unmount the projector, no harm done.

How Much Can You Realistically Earn On Grabb-It Labs?

Grabb-It Labs is a new company and it is rolling out its unique projector screens all across San Francisco. As a rideshare driver, you can expect to earn an average of $400 per month on the Grabb-It Labs platform. That is if you drive an average of 40 hours every week.

Earn With Both Tappin X And Grabb-It Labs

Isn’t this awesome? As a rideshare driver, you can earn passive income from several rideshare advertising companies. This only works if the two companies operate different business models. This is the case here as Tappin X advertises inside your car, while Grabb-It Labs focuses on people outside.

You can have your riders enjoying targeted and engaging ads on your screens in your car. At the same time, passersby and people in other cars are engaging with your Grabb-It Labs ads.

Of course, you cannot run them at exactly the same time because Grabb-It Labs ads turn off when a rider enters your car. But you can still earn cool cash from both platforms. You don’t even have to go the extra mile to make it happen. Is it the best time to be a rideshare driver or what?

You can get started with Tappin X today by signing up here.

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