Drive *Uber or Lyft?
Make Extra Cash with TAPPIN X™

Unique in-car advertising platform dedicated to passengers in rideshare vehicles

How It Works?

For Rideshare Drivers

The TAPPIN X™ app is downloaded to a tablet (we can provide one with a headrest mount or you can use your own) Place it in your vehicle and start earning money with every rideshare. TAPPIN X™ can be your most profitable part of your rideshare business.

It’s Simple…


Use our tablet or yours with a headrest mount and get started right away.


Open the app, login with your account and begin earning money while our advertising content is viewed by your passengers.


You get PAID doing what you already do. Drive rideshare.

How Do I Get Paid?

At TAPPIN X™, we realize that rideshare drivers have many options. Do you select a longer trip vs. several short trips? Are you missing out on better potential revenue? Well, with TAPPIN X™ every ride can be the MAX REVENUE solution you need. You get paid every time a rider watches ads. It’s that simple. TAPPIN X™ driver dashboard allows you to keep track of your earnings.
Just do what you already do – DRIVE – and TAPPIN X™ helps you earn more money.
Yeah, that’s it!

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If you would like to start making extra cash with TAPPIN X™

Frequently Asked Questions


Each time you have a rideshare passenger, Tappin X displays our passive advertising videos.  Using facial recognition technology,  the videos are time/date stamped.  

If you are driving rideshare for 30+ hours weekly, you will earn up to $200 monthly *.  If your rideshare driving hours are less than 30 hours weekly, you will earn $75 monthly.  Guaranteed.

*reflects rideshare hours of 30+ weekly.  Less than 30 hours weekly receive $75 per month.  

You will need to provide your weekly driver logs detailing your hourly rideshare activity from your providers.  It’s as easy as taking a screenshot and sending us an email of your log.  

If you work for multiple companies, that’s ok.  We will use the combined hours of rideshare to have a weekly total for you.  Just send us the log for each company you work for.

At the end of the month, TAPPIN X ™ transfers a deposit directly into your linked PayPal email or bank account of your choice.

*weekly logs detailing hourly rideshare activity are prorated for the month. $200 credit reflects a complete month of weekly log reporting (no less than 4 weeks) commencing on Aug 1, 2019.

TAPPIN X™ uses proprietary facial recognition technology to evaluate passengers in your backseat. Everything is time/date stamped. Plus, we require that all rideshare drivers submit their daily drive logs. Together, we help make your business ever more profitable. So SIGN-UP TODAY and get started towards making the most revenue out of each and every ride!
Yes! TAPPIN X™ also allows you to earn from the activity of other rideshare drivers. As a registered rideshare driver, you can refer up to 5 other drivers for TAPPIN X™. Once those rideshare drivers are registered, TAPPIN X™ will pay you 10% per month of your referred driver’s validated revenue for the month. For example: 5 referred drivers each earning $1000 per month is a total of $5000. Your referral commission is an extra $500 per month, just for you. As long as they are registered rideshare drivers with TAPPIN X™, you continue to earn 10% of their validated revenue per month.

At TAPPIN X™ we value our relationships. TAPPIN X ™ is unprecedented in the rideshare industry. $10 SIGNUP BONUS – up to $200 monthly* GUARANTEED Referral $$ - Earn 10% revenue from drivers you refer.INCENTIVES – BONUSES – REFERRALS -  AND MORE! Helping you enhance your hustle to make more MONEY!!

*reflects rideshare hours of 30+ weekly.  Less than 30 hoursweekly receive $75 per month.  

TAPPIN X™ was developed specifically for rideshare drivers. We value the input from the rideshare community. All advertising messages are “passive”. Sound is muted so as not to intrude on the comfort of your passenger. TAPPIN X™ is the only mobile advertising only platform. Your passengers will not be distracted with useless and unwanted content. Direct advertising messages are delivered unobtrusively and directly to passengers for maximum effectiveness. The TAPPIN X™ app is loaded with advertising messages for your passengers. Using proprietary facial recognition technology along with logs of rideshare activity, we validate the viewership of your passengers. No sales, no marketing, no inventory, no catering… Just do what you already do – DRIVE – and TAPPIN X™ helps you earn more money.