How Does Uber Work? How To Get Started As A Rider Or Driver

Mobile applications are the means of engagement and communication for a lot of people in this digital age. You do not even have to be tech-savvy to use most apps. There are apps for everything, from ordering food, teaching school subjects to learning new languages. It is a long list. It then follows reason that an app for ordering rides would come out of the woodwork sooner than later. This is what Uber has achieved with its incredibly smart rideshare app. But how does Uber work?

The Uber app is a platform where anyone signed up can order a ride from anywhere they are. Unlike a regular taxi service, the rider inputs their location and destination. The Uber app gives an estimate of the cost of the ride and sends the request to available drivers. When a driver is matched and arrives at the rider’s location, the trip can start.

Uber revolutionized the entire transportation industry all over the world. It is rare to encounter such groundbreaking innovation in a sector that is not particularly tech-related. On-demand transportation is the future of the mobility industry and Uber is championing the narrative. Of course, their success has drawn some competitors out of the woodwork. The most notable of them is Lyft which has also grown rapidly in the United States.

How Uber Disrupted The Transportation Industry

The idea for the incredible Uber app was birthed on a cold night in Paris by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2008. Once the idea was there, they got to work building what was to be the wonder app of the decade. Up until then, a popular way for people to get around was either through regular public taxi cabs or rented cars and private chauffeured cars. Both options were quite expensive. Neither were particularly convenient for most people, especially taxi cabs.

This was exactly why Uber’s new idea appealed to so many. People were ready for a change, they just didn’t know it, or maybe they did. Uber was the pioneer of a concept known as ridesharing. In this new model, riders could basically rent privately owned cars for a short period. The concept came with the convenience of riding a private chauffeured car without having to pay the prices associated with it. On the driver side, random car owners could earn a little extra driving on the platform without even having to stop their regular jobs.

It didn’t take long for the new transportation wonder kid to become a household name all over the world. As of 2018, Uber rides can be ordered in 633 cities worldwide! That’s an incredible growth in about a decade of existence.

How The Uber App Works

The Uber app works like a type of car-hire service that uses technology to manage all the processes. It kind of takes control of the entire process of getting a ride both on the rider’s and driver’s side. The app aids the rider to order a ride at the tap of a button. They don’t have to leave the comfort of wherever they are. On the driver’s side, it eliminates the need to be driving around, looking for a fare. The app brings the fare to them and then handles the payment too.

Here is a step by step explanation of how the Uber app works, both for riders and drivers:

Uber For Riders

For riders, it is super easy and fast to get started with Uber. You can create and set up your account within a few minutes. You simply have to follow the steps outlined below and you will be ready to take your first Uber ride! First things first, though, you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to use the Uber app.

Simple Steps To Follow To Create An Account With Uber As A Rider:

– Go to Play Store or the App Store and download the Uber app and install on your mobile device or tablet.

– Open the app and sign up. You will be asked for your basic information, including your credit card details. This is the account that your Uber rides will be charged on so you won’t have to pay cash for your rides.

– Now you are set to order your first ride. Launch the app, and you will be asked to input your location and destination. You will need to allow the Uber app to access the GPS function of your device to get this to work.

– The app will then show you an estimate of how much your trip will cost. This is usually an accurate estimate. It also shows you how long it will take your ride to get to your location. This waiting period is usually about 3-10 minutes in major cities

– Uber will also show you some information about the driver coming to pick you. Their picture, the license number of their car and the type of car they drive. This is for safety reasons and also for easy recognition.

– Your driver arrives and takes you to your destination. At the end of the trip, the amount for the ride is charged automatically to the credit card you have on file. You only need to exit the Uber and tip your driver. You can either tip in-app or give the driver a cash tip. Also, there is an option to pay cash for an Uber trip in some cities.

– A final step involved in your Uber ride experience is the rating system. As a rider, you get to rate your ride and driver at the end of your trip. This was added to the Uber app to improve the quality of Uber rides. Your rating is based on cleanliness, politeness and general safety of the ride. Drivers with consistently bad ratings could get suspended or permanently banned from driving for Uber.

You have been taken through the entire Uber process. As a rider, the process is structured for your comfort and safety. It is also notable that the entire trip can be monitored on the Uber app from start to finish.

Uber For Drivers

The Uber experience for drivers can be a bit long and thorough. That is because Uber wants to get the best drivers on its platform. Before you can start driving for Uber, you must have satisfied some requirements. There are requirements for you as a driver and your vehicle.

Uber Driver Requirements

To be eligible to drive on the Uber platform, you need to meet some requirements. They are:

– You should be 21 years or older

– You should have at least 1 year of driving experience if you are above 23 years and 3 years driving experience if you are below 23.

– You should have car registration and Insurance.

– You should meet the specific driving age for your city.

Additional requirements for you as a driver involves a background check. Uber will conduct one to make sure that you don’t have a criminal past, including major traffic violations and a criminal record. This check is quite thorough and important as it determines if you will be cleared to drive on the Uber platform.

Drivers can rate riders on the Uber app. The passenger does not have access to this rating, but it is an important part of the Uber experience. The ratings are there to protect drivers from consistently abusive or drunk passengers. Like drivers, passengers that always get a low rating could be banned from using the app either temporarily or permanently.

Uber Car Requirements

To make sure that the quality of cars on the Uber platform is kept at the highest level possible. Uber has come up with some basic vehicle requirements for their rideshare platform. Uber has quite a few rideshare services available on the app. Each of these services come with their own specific vehicle requirements. But there are general requirements that your vehicle must fulfill to be acceptable for even the most basic service. Here they are:

– Your car should not be more than 10 years old.

– It should not be a salvaged, rebuilt or reconstructed car.

– It cannot be a rental car, except if rented from an Uber certified service.

– Your car should be without damage, dents, scratches and other forms of blemishes. It should have 4 doors and 5 working seatbelts.

These are all quite lenient requirements. Of course the requirements get stiffer for the more luxurious Uber offerings. Note that there could be specific vehicle year and model requirements for different cities. As a prospective Uber driver, be sure to check those out and make sure you are compliant.

Uber Service Offerings

As a leading rideshare company, Uber has changed over the last few years to serve their customers better and attract a new customer base. The rideshare app has added some interesting offerings to its list of services. They have done this to appeal to riders and drivers of different spectrums of society.

Here is a list of other Uber Services:

– UberX

This is Uber’s cheapest ride-hailing service. Well, cheapest if you do not consider UberPool in which riders get to share their fare with others. UberX is Uber’s flagship service and is the most available across different cities in the world. Vehicles accepted into this service are basic 4 door sedans with a 4-passenger capacity. If you go to any major city in the world, you would most likely be able to enjoy an UberX ride. The fare for this service comes to about half the price of a regular taxi for the same distance.

– UberPool

This service is even cheaper than UberX. This is because riders can divide the total amount for their ride among themselves. This might not be for you, though, if you are uncomfortable with sharing your ride with strangers. This service is only available in some cities.

– UberXL

This is the Uber service that caters to riders that need a little more room than what a regular 4-door sedan offers. Vehicles accepted into this service are SUVs or Minivans. They can accommodate more than 5 passengers. This service is more expensive than UberX.

– UberSelect

This is a higher-end version of UberX. The cars are luxury 4-door sedans with leather interior. You would most likely get an Audi, Benz, BMW, or any other luxury car brand if you order an UberSelect. You will pay quite a bit more for this service though.

– UberBlack

This is a service that is on an even higher level of luxury. Vehicles that can accept rides for UberBlack must have a black finish, both outside and inside. They must be new model cars and very neat.

– UberLux

This is the highest luxury service offered by Uber. Only 2012 car models and higher are allowed for this service. UberLux cars are top tier luxury cars.

Why People Are Crazy About Uber

The Uber rideshare app obviously has some really good features. That is part of the reason why it has been accepted by so many around the world. Here are some more of those reasons


Ask any regular taxi driver and they will tell you Uber drivers are their mortal enemies. This enmity between taxi cab drivers and Uber drivers has been brewing for a long time. This is because an average Uber ride costs about 50 percent less than the average taxi cab ride. That alone is enough to make people switch their allegiance. Also, tips are at the discretion of the riders with Uber rides. But taxi cab drivers expect some kind of tip after every ride.

Better Ride Experience

Uber cars have to pass through several hoops before they can be accepted on the platform. This means that the majority of Uber cars are clean and neat. They offer a more comfortable ride experience than most taxi cabs.


If you have ever stood by the roadside trying to hail a cab in a busy city street, you will understand how convenient Uber is. The Uber app also eliminates the stress of payment after your ride. Making sure that you have cash on you, or searching for change is needless when riding with Uber. The app handles everything for you. This makes for a much better ride experience, compared to regular taxi cabs.

Quick Response Time

Because of all the cool features outlined in this article, Uber has gotten to be very attractive to car drivers. To both professionals and personal car owners that want extra income. This means a very high number of drivers are available on the Uber platform. This ultimately translates to lower response times when ordering a ride. In some cities, the response time can be as low as 3 minutes.

Extra Passive Income For Uber Drivers

As awesome as the entire Uber platform is for drivers. There is an even easier way for them to earn more on top of their Uber earnings. Rideshare advertising is gaining momentum in the advertising world. The companies that play in this space leverage on the incredible reach of rideshare companies like Uber to advertise.

As an Uber driver, you can earn passive income by displaying ads to your riders. All you need to do is reach out to a reputable rideshare advertising company like Tappin X to get started. It is very easy and convenient to get on the platform and start earning. A lot of Uber drivers are already taking advantage of this earning opportunity to boost their income.

To get started with Tappin X as an Uber driver, you simply have to download the Tappin X app on your tablet device. You can then create an account and start earning. With Tappin X, you are earning as you are driving. No quota to fill, no limit to reach. The platform also offers a great riding experience for your riders. They can watch entertaining videos and listen to music as they interact with relevant ads. These ads are targeted in such a way that they are of specific use to the rider. What better way to engage and entertain your riders?

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Chapter 6 – Extra Passive Income For Uber Drivers


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