Lyft Ads: How Lyft Drivers Can Earn Extra Income

Lyft ads offer drivers an opportunity to earn extra income. For business owners, it provides a unique opportunity to reach a wider and more targeted audience. They can do this by showing their product or service to people that matter.

This article will talk about the different formats of lyft ads and how lyft drivers can monetize them. It will also list top rideshare advertising companies they can work with and make more money.

What Is Advertising?

The history of Advertising goes back several decades. Modern advertising started with print media. Brands advertise in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Advertising has evolved over the years to accommodate other forms of media. This includes TV, billboards and the new kid on the block, online advertising. Everything is going digital. Yes, the World Wide Web came and changed things. Online advertising has now become the go to advertising medium. Brands are spending millions every year on digital advertising, and it is paying off.

Things are changing fast though. A new form of advertising is springing up. How would you feel to be able to create super-targeted ads with optimum engagement rates? This is already happening. These types of ads ride on an existing platform with existing users. Welcome to ridesharing advertising. What is rideshare advertisement? How can brands and drivers both take advantage of this new advertising model? The next few paragraphs will explain this in detail.

What Is Ride-Share Advertising?

Rideshare advertising is a new and unique advertising model that is becoming a big deal. Rideshare Advertising is a digital advertising model that leverages peer to peer transportation. This type of advertising is unique in that it makes use of moving cars. Ridesharing platforms have been growing in popularity across different parts of the world. They are now the preferred mode of transportation in most major cities. This is because they are convenient and affordable. They also relieve the stress of driving or looking for transportation in busy and congested cities.

For business owners, rideshare companies provide a targeted audience. Business owners can use this to attract new clients and boost revenue. This audience includes passengers inside, pedestrians outside, and passengers in other cars. There is a whole host of possibilities here. For drivers, rideshare advertising offers them a hassle-free opportunity to earn extra income. This is why lyft ads are a blessing for both business owners and drivers.

What Are Lyft Ads And How Does It Work?

Lyft ads allows drivers to display ads to their riders and pedestrians. Lyft is one of the major players in the ride-sharing space, only behind Uber in market penetration in the US. Lyft operates in the United States in 640 cities. It also operates in 9 cities in Canada. Besides the car services, Lyft offers scooters and bicycles to their daily riders.

As of January 2018, Lyft had 23 million users and by September 2018, they had up to 1 billion rides. These are mind-blowing statistics. It shows the scope of operation of this ride-sharing platform. There are likely several Lyft cars moving around major cities in the United States at any given time.

Advertising companies have recognized the potential goldmine in these rides. So, they have come up with a way to monetize them. Why is rideshare advertising becoming such a big deal? The answer is simple: it is highly targeted and the engagement rates are massive. Ads deployed online might not always reach their target audience. They may choose not to view the ads or engage. Online ads can be targeted. But, there is lots of other information vying for the attention from an average internet user. This includes other ads, entertainment, video streaming platforms, and more.

The rideshare advertising space is less congested than online advertising. The latter is dominated by big brands with huge advertising budgets. This is why ridesharing advertising, like lyft ads, is becoming the darling of many businesses. These ads come in different formats and can be deployed in different ways. They can either be In-Car or On-Car.

In-Car are tablets, backseat video screens and flyers.

On-Car are cartop video screens, stickers and car wrapping.

Cartop Video Screens

You might have seen some cars drive past you with screens on their roof displaying ads one after the other. These screens are quite smart; they can tell where they are and display ads relevant to those areas. That is an interesting advantage of advertising on Lyft cars. Some of these video screens even have technology that enables them to capture environmental data. Data like traffic movement, air temperature, humidity and more.

The cartop video screens are also big, bright and conspicuous. Lyft drivers can earn more cash totting these screens around on their vehicles. The screens are linked to the car’s battery, so they do not need extra resources to be functional. The screens can also be different sizes, but most are big enough to be visible from afar.

The Cartop Screens are a great advertising option for Lyft Drivers. Easy to install, the driver earns extra cash and has little or no extra resources to function. This type of outdoor advertising works because it is not as cluttered as online advertising. There is plenty of room for growth and plenty of visibility for the ads.

Car Wrapping

In this form of advertising, Lyft cars are covered with colorful vinyl decals advertising a particular brand. This transforms the Lyft vehicle into a mobile billboard. This is a new area of advertising that big brands are getting behind fast. Lyft cars get to move around a lot and sometimes spend time in traffic. A Lyft car covered in vinyl wrapping, advertising any brand, would most likely get a lot of eyeballs.

It is this potential for large engagement that makes this option so appealing to brands. The drivers also earn money for the service they are rendering. Another advantage of this model is that drivers can decide the extent their cars will be covered. They could opt for partial for full covering.


There can be stickers of medium sizes stuck to the rear of the car; it can even be in neon so it is reflective at night. These stickers serve a wider range of audiences. This doesn’t only include riders, but also pedestrians, other drivers and passengers.

Back Seat Video Screens

This is a popular way drivers can show lyft ads to passengers. Backseat video screens are mounted on the headrests of the drivers’ and front passenger seats. These are like personal viewing screens for Lyft passengers in the backseat. The screens are facing the passenger’s seats so they have no choice but to see.

The backseat rider can even interact with the ads running on the screens. They can be asked to tap to “follow” on social media or any other simple tasks. These ads are also non-intrusive, they play in the background.

Another benefit is the ease of consumption and format. Since the ads are not online, they do not have to stream, buffer, or broadcast. This gives a certain level of flexibility to the format of the ads that can run. They can be animations, videos, or GIFs, a wide range of options are available.

The ads that run on back seat video screens are also location-specific. These ads can change based on the neighborhood the Lyft car is passing through at that particular moment. This provides a more personalized and engaging experience for the rider.

Backseat video screen ads run uninterrupted. There are no annoying pop-ups or banners like the ones you would usually see online. It’s a seamless ad that the rider has to see in its entirety.


For the rider that does not want to use the back seat video screens, they could use their tablet instead. All they need to do is place the tablet in a visible and more comfortable position in their car and they are good to go. This is the simplest form and requires very little infrastructure or technical knowledge.


This is another brilliant way lyft ads can be implemented. Lyft drivers could give out flyers to riders. These flyers can be taken away by the riders to their homes and offices and can then be shared with other people.

Top 3 Ride-Sharing Advertising Companies

Rideshare advertising presents a win-win situation for all the parties involved. The rideshare driver gets to make extra cash from using their car for advertising. This comes at no extra cost to them, the advertising company carries all the setup costs. The advertising company piggybacks on the exposure and reach of the rideshare riders. This gets more eyeballs on their ads, which mostly ends up costing less. The company gets more bang for its buck. Everybody wins. There are a couple of rideshare advertising companies around. But, these 3 are some of the most credible and best to work with in the United States.

Tappin X

Tappin X is your go to rideshare advertising platform for in-car models of advertising. It is a perfect way to keep your passengers entertained while also showing them ads that are specifically targeted at them. Tappin X is very easy to set up, all you need to do is install Tappin X on a tablet and fasten it to the head rest of your car. You can then create a profile, login and start earning within just a few clicks, it is that simple!

Tappin X does not burden drivers with hard to reach metrics before they get paid. All the driver has to do is what they already get paid to do, drive. The driver then receives extra income from passengers viewing ads during their Lyft rides. Tappin X pays the driver in tokens when riders view the ads. The platform also comes with a driver dashboard that helps drivers keep tabs on what they earn.

Another great benefit of working with Tappin X is that it allows you to earn from the rides of other Lyft drivers. This can be activated through referrals. Each Lyft driver can refer up to 5 other drivers for Tappin X. 10% of the earnings of any referred driver becomes yours every month. Tappin X is also considerate of the riders and makes sure all ads are passive ads (ads without sound). This ensures the comfort of the riders.


Vugo is another great option for in-car rideshare advertisement. Like Tappin X, the Vugo app can be installed on a tablet and fastened to the head rest of the car. In their model, Vugo provides some form of entertainment in-between ads. This can include music, short videos and much more. This gives a more rounded entertaining effect.

Riders also get to interact with the ads. The more they interact with the ads, the more the rider gets paid. These ads, also like those of Tappin X are location specific. The riders are most likely to see an ad that is related to where they stay. This gives a high probability of interaction with the ad. Vugo is only available in some select cities right now. These include New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Surf runs a more entertainment focused in-car advertising model. They guarantee high quality entertainment for ride-share riders. The rider can even choose the kind of entertainment they want. this ranges from music to videos to podcasts. Ads are sandwiched between the entertainment.

Surf offers something of a Netflix-like experience for the riders. This is because riders get to choose their own content. Surf operates in 10 cities across the United States and boasts 1.6 million videos watched per month. There is a ride quota that drivers must reach to be able to keep using the Surf tablet though.


Advertising, like technology, keeps changing as the years go by. The evolution from the days of print advertising has been quite exciting. But some things do not change. The battle of big and smaller brands for the attention of potential customers is as fierce as ever. A large number of options available for advertising now have made it possible for all the players, big and small, to at least have a chance.

Lyft  ads are an effective strategy for smart business owners to promote their product or service. Especially to a group of highly targeted audience members who are most likely going to use their service. Lyft drivers have an amazing opportunity to earn extra income throughout this process.

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Chapter 3 – What Is Ride-Share Advertising?

Chapter 4 –  What Are Lyft Ads And How Does It Work?

Chapter 5 – Top 3 Ride-Sharing Advertising Companies

Chapter 6 – Conclusion


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