If you are a rideshare driver then you are probably already spending a lot of money to maintain your car. This is because you are always on the road. Apart from the money you spend on gas, there are other expenses you pay for, to maintain your car and keep it in good shape.

You have to continue to check oil levels and top off when necessary. You also need to change your air filters, wash and detail your car, buy new tires, and much more. These things need to be done more often than a regular car user would, because your car is being used more often. When you begin to add these expenses up, you realize that your net profit leaves much to be desired.

But, what if you had the opportunity to earn extra passive income? Something enough to take care of the cost to maintain your car, without doing extra work? You just do what you already do: drive, and make some money on the side.

In this article, you will learn about how to earn extra passive income with rideshare advertising. So, you can stop worrying about how much you are taking from your rideshare earnings to maintain your car.

What Is Rideshare Advertising?

Rideshare advertising is an emerging industry in the advertising space. It has achieved some tremendous results in the last few years, and is growing stronger and bigger by the day. Rideshare advertising is a system that leverages the rideshare industry to display targeted ads to people. Vugo was one of the first companies in this space. But, a lot of other companies have sprung up to make the industry more competitive.

Rideshare advertising companies work with rideshare drivers to show ads to their audience. This includes riders and passers-by. Smart brands are starting to explore the opportunities in this industry to promote their products or services. They reach out to these rideshare advertising companies for promotions.

Rideshare advertising companies have rideshare drivers on Uber, Lyft and other companies signed up on their platforms. They set them up and have them display these ads, either in-car or on-car. Rideshare drivers then get paid when people view and engage with these ads. As a rideshare driver, all you have to do is simply display these ads and do your driving. You’ll get paid from the views and engagement generated. A rider or passer-by sees a relevant ad that helps them solve their problems or achieve their goals. Brands get more targeted eyes on their products. Rideshare drivers earn extra passive income.  Everybody wins. It’s really that simple!

So, what rideshare advertising platform is best for rideshare drivers? Well, there are a lot of bad ones, and a few good ones out there. One of the few legit ones is TappinX. Tappin X runs a transparent system that helps drivers make extra money, without extra work or an upfront payment.

How To Earn Passive Income With Tappin X

Today, you are going to learn exactly how you can start earning passive income with TappinX. Soon you will find out:

  • How to sign up
  • What to do to start earning
  • Different earning opportunities on the Tappin X platform
  • How to withdraw your earnings

What is Tappin X?

Tappin X is an in-car rideshare advertising platform that pays drivers to display ads to their riders. Tappin X partners with Backseat Advert to get relevant ads from businesses. This gives drivers an opportunity to earn passive income, without any extra work. You simply display ads in the backseat of your car and get paid as riders view them. Whether you are working with Uber, Lyft, or both, you can make extra money on Tappin X.

How Does Tappin X Work?

It is easy to get started with Tappin X and start earning. The first step is signing up on the Tappin X platform. Then you will need a tablet to display ads to your riders. If you don’t have one, Tappin X will provide one for you, plus a headrest mount for the tablet. You can start earning with Tappin X as soon as you sign up. Just install the tablet and headrest mount in your car. You begin to earn the moment your riders start viewing the displayed ads.

With Tappin X, there are no hidden charges or targets. It is performance-based. You earn based on how well riders engage with displayed ads. There’s no need to worry about the ads being a distraction to your riders. They are usually unobtrusive and entertaining, so your riders are going to love them.

Extra Passive Income Via Referral Bonus

The Tappin X referral bonus allows you to earn even more extra passive income. You can refer up to 5 other rideshare drivers to the Tappin X platform. Make sure to have them sign up with your unique referral code so you can enjoy the referral bonus.

At the end of every month, you will earn 10% of the total earnings of the drivers you referred to the platform. You earn 10% on each driver, for as long as they remain active on the platform. How sweet is that?

How Do You Get Paid?

This is the most important part, right? Nothing to worry about. Getting paid on Tappin X is easy and convenient. When you sign up on Tappin X, you get access to a central dashboard where you can track your earnings and how many hours you have worked. At the end of every month, your earnings get sent to your Paypal or bank account. Easy-peasy!

How Much Can You Make Monthly With Tappin X?

You can earn up to $200 monthly on the Tappin X platform. If you refer other rideshare drivers to the platform, you can make more through referral commissions. You are literally getting paid for doing nothing extra. That’s 100% passive income. You can use your earnings to maintain your car so you can keep 100% of your rideshare earnings. This is how to play it smart and make more money.

You can join other rideshare drivers already earning with Tappin X by signing up today, and earn yourself some passive income.

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Chapter 1 – How Do You Maintain Your Car? Earn Passive Income With Tappin X

Chapter 2 – What Is Rideshare Advertising?

Chapter 3 – How To Earn Passive Income With Tappin X


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