What Is Tappin X?

Tappin X is a rideshare advertising company. It helps rideshare drivers earn extra passive income by showing ads to their riders. Tappin X operates an in-car advertising model. They use tablets to display ads in the backseat of rideshare vehicles like Uber, Lyft and others.

Tappin X partners with Backseat Advert to get advertising campaigns from brands and businesses looking to leverage the rideshare industry to reach their target audience for brand awareness, exposure, and lead generation. Rideshare drivers working with Tappin X are not required to do any extra work, on top of what they already do, which is driving. Drivers continue to do their normal driving and get paid based on views and engagements generated from displayed ads.

A lot of smart rideshare drivers are already taking advantage of this passive income opportunity. Many are using it to supplement their rideshare earnings. This allows them to take care of things like maintaining their car, buying gas and other expenses they would have otherwise paid for with their earnings. This means they get to keep a larger percentage of their earnings and have enough left to spend on things they love.

How Exactly Does The Tappin X Referral Program Work?

The Tappin X referral program is open to both drivers and non-drivers. You read that right. This means that you can earn money with Tappin X, whether you are a rideshare driver or not. Isn’t that awesome?

How Rideshare Drivers Can Earn With Tappin X

Are you a rideshare driver? Would you like to start earning extra passive income with TappinX? Here is a step-by-step guide to follow, you can start making money within the next 24 hours:

Step 1:  Register with Tappin X by creating an account for FREE. Click here to sign up.

Step 2: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Tappin X app to your tablet. Make sure you fill out your details correctly:

  • Your Full Name
  • Complete Address
  • Paypal or Banking Information (so you don’t miss your payments)

Step 3:  Once you sign up on the Tappin X app, you will receive a $10 sign up bonus. (That’s to thank you for joining Us.)

Step 4:  This is the most important step. Sync your tablet and download the advertising videos. Enter your lock/unlock code on the tablet and start playing videos while driving your passengers to their destinations.

How Much Can You Earn For Showing Ads To Your Riders?

If you are doing 25+ hours of rideshare driving per week, you can earn up to $50 per week and $200 monthly.

If you are doing less than 25 hours weekly, you can earn up to $18.75 per week and $75 per month.

The interesting thing about this is that it is 100% passive income. It is a plug and play system. Sign up. Start showing ads to your riders. Get paid. It is really that simple.

Step 5: Earn Extra Income By Referring Other Drivers

Tappin X doesn’t only pay you for showing ads to your riders. You can also make money by introducing this opportunity to your driver friends.

Apart from the opportunity to start earning passive income, there is a bonus for your referrals.

Every driver who Qualifies* as a referrer will win a 3-Night Vacation.

Ready to take advantage of the Tappin X referral program? Click here to join now.

How Non-Rideshare Drivers Can Earn With Tappin X

What if you don’t qualify for the first category meant for rideshare drivers but you know some rideshare drivers? The good news is, you can still earn money with Tappin X.

In fact, you can earn more than $1000.

You simply have to start referring rideshare drivers to the Tappin X platform. They are definitely going to love it because you are helping them make extra income. Plus, they can also qualify for a 3-night vacation!

There Are 3 Tiers In Our Referral Program To Help You Make Even More Money:

Tier 1: Refer 1 to 10 new rideshare drivers to Tappin X and earn $10 for each new rideshare driver. You can earn up to $100 on this level.

It doesn’t even end there. When you submit 5 qualified referrals, you win a complimentary vacation.

Tier 2: When you refer 11 to 20 new rideshare drivers to Tappin X, you earn $15 for each new rideshare driver. This means you can earn up to $150 extra.

Tier 3: When you refer 21 to 51 new rideshare drivers to Tappin X, you earn $25 for each new rideshare driver. You can earn up to $750 extra at this level.

Are you ready to start enjoying these commissions? You can join the Tappin X referral program today. To get started, click here.

  1. Each new driver must register on the Tappin X app and submit a driver log in their first week to qualify as a referral.

Earning passive income doesn’t get easier than this. If you could use some extra income right now then you should sign up today. This referral program works. Plus, it’s from a credible company who’s committed to helping people earn extra income.

We cannot wait to have you join!

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