20 Best Rideshare Accessories For Uber And Lyft Drivers

Ride-sharing services go beyond taking your passenger from one location to another. Preparing for mishaps and keeping your vehicle in sterling condition is crucial. Especially when giving your riders a memorable experience.

There are some must-have tools and accessories that will make you feel more comfortable while driving. They will also ensure that your riders get nothing but the best user experience from you.

Here are some of these vital accessories:

Safety Rideshare Accessories

1. First Aid Kit

You are exposed to different emergencies while behind the wheel. Your response to them will go a long way in determining your riders’ appraisal of your performance and professionalism.

A rider will appreciate your gesture and swift response if you can disinfect a wound on the spot. The kit will also prove useful in the event of a minor accident. It may be what you need to save your rider’s life. So, you have tons of reasons why you should have this life-saving accessory in your vehicle.

It won’t be ideal to keep looking for first aid items during emergencies. Get a first aid kit from a local pharmacy if your vehicle doesn’t come with one. That will save you a lot of stress and could help you avert some dangers, such as loss of life.

2. LED Flashlight

Searching for a lost item in the dark can be challenging. With the aid of an LED flashlight you can search effortlessly. This is important when you need to drive around at night. Prime Time or Surge hours are some occasions when an LED flashlight can be useful.

The flashlight can be handy if your car breaks down suddenly. You need it to look around and possibly find and fix the problem. Without the light, you will be in a pickle.

Keep the flashlight where it won’t constitute a nuisance during the day. Your trunk or glove compartment will be perfect for the safekeeping of this accessory. You can easily have access to it whenever you need it.

Comfort Rideshare Accessories

3. Chargers and Cables

A rider may feel bad leaving their charger at home, especially if they are running out of battery. The fear of not being able to communicate with their family members when on a long trip can make them worried. Offering a charger at that moment will be refreshing. That simple gesture may make a difference between a poor or a great rating.

Sometimes, passengers request to listen to music on their phone. You can grant their request by offering them an auxiliary cord. When your rider needs a cable or charger, your ability to meet this need will leave a positive impression. This gesture will be appreciated more if you are in a location where buying such accessories is almost impossible.

Apart from the passengers, you too can benefit from having some extra cables in your vehicle. Dealing with a phone that is gradually running out of battery during a surge time can be frustrating. If you can’t switch the app on for long while working, you will lose out on potential riders. This means that you are losing money.

So, don’t forget to always have a couple of cables and chargers in your vehicle. The rule of thumb is to have different types of these accessories. Have a USB cable for Android phone users and one for an iPhone. If your passenger wants to play music on their device, your aux audio cord will be appreciated at that moment. If you are running out of battery, you can simply recharge your phone and you are good to go.

4. A Pair of Sunglasses

While you may not consider a pair of sunglasses as a must-have, it is actually a necessity. When driving on a sunny day, rather than adjusting the shade above your head to keep the sun out, a pair of glasses will provide the shade you need.

Lyft and Uber drivers who work at night will find a pair of glasses helpful. There are some newly designed glasses for night driving. You can check out Blupond Night Driving Glasses or Duco Yellow Night-Vision Glasses. They enhance vision during such late hours. This will improve your performance and safety while driving at night.

5. Windproof Umbrella

A windproof umbrella will be of help on a rainy day. This rideshare accessory enables you to provide cover for your rider in the rain. These umbrellas are designed to withstand strong winds that a regular umbrella can’t. These sturdy umbrellas can handle sudden gust pressure of up to 50 miles per hour.

They’re built with sturdy materials. So, they should be your go-to umbrella when picking up or dropping off a rider during high-pressure wind. The passenger won’t have to worry about getting wet in the rain, thanks to your thoughtfulness.

You may get a 5-star rating for this simple gesture.

Rideshare Accessories for Cleanliness 

6. A Set of Seat Covers

One way to keep your vehicle clean is taking care of the seat. As riders get in and out of the vehicle, they may bring dirt in. Without the seat cover, you may have to clean the car seats several times a day. This can be stressful.

But, when you invest in a seat cover, rest assured that you won’t have much cleaning to do. Seat covers help to keep the seats clean. They protect it from dirt so that the seat is always clean. Make sure to dust the seat cover after each drop.

They are also useful in bad weather,such as snow, rain, and dust storms. Imagine the amount of dirt you’d have to deal with if you pick up passengers in such terrible conditions. Especially if you don’t have something to protect your seat.

It is advisable that you go for high-quality covers. It is always worth the investment as low quality ones will get torn easily. More so, they may make the riders feel uncomfortable.

7. Throw Up Bags

Uber or Lyft drivers who work at night should have throw up bags in their vehicles. You also need it if you work on weekends when passengers go to clubs. Some passengers drink more alcohol than they can handle before booking a ride.

Working drivers at such times have to deal with drunk passengers. Sometimes, such a rider may throw up in your vehicle and make a total mess of it. It will take you some time and effort to clean up the mess.

A simple throw up bag will save you from such mess. These bags are cheap and very helpful when such unplanned emergencies come up.

8. Floor Mats

Car seats are not the only accessories that can make your car look clean and neat. Floor mats play a significant role too.

Passengers may bring in dirt when coming in. The floor mat will collect the dirt for easy disposal.

It also serves as a protection against spilled food or drinks. If you don’t have floor mats in your vehicle, the spillage will mess up the vehicle floor in no time. If you have a couple of these mats, you can always change a dirty one and replace it with a clean one until you have time to wash it. This will ensure that your car is always in good condition.

You should consider buying rubber floor mats. They are pretty easy to clean and quite affordable. You can hose them when they are dirty and spread them out. These types dry quickly after washing. So, you can use them as soon as possible.

9. Black and Decker Flex Hand Vac

Most ridesharing drivers can’t do without this simple and portable device. It comes with a pet hair attachment. This makes it an efficient tool for grass, dirt, and small crumb removal.

After a rider alights, spend about two minutes to remove leftover dirt with the tool. This will help you prepare for the next passenger. The device is also lightweight. You can carry it around the car with ease when cleaning your vehicle.

As a ride-sharing driver, this is one of the best investments you can make. It makes cleaning your vehicle easier and faster. It is also very affordable.

10. Lint Roller

Some riders leave hair behind when they get out of a vehicle. Some have furry pets like cats and dogs. Removing hair from your vehicle can be a huge challenge if you don’t have the best hair removal tool. Lint Rollers are designed to make it easier to remove such hair within a couple of seconds.

A lint roller will also enable you to clean some hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle. The area between the center console and the driver’s seat is one of such places where it will be useful. Get this simple accessory and you wouldn’t have to worry about pets and hair from passengers.

11. Paper Towels

You should always bring paper towels along with you when driving for Lyft or Uber. The multipurpose towels can come in handy when a rider wants to blow their nose. They will appreciate it, especially if they don’t have a tissue at that moment. You can also use them to clean something in your vehicle, such as a water spill.

It is advisable that you keep a package of these towels in your car trunk. Keep a package in the glove compartment for easy access. You won’t have to stop your car when you need it.

12. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

A microfiber cleaning cloth is another important item you should have in your car. This piece of cloth will save you time when cleaning your vehicle window.

Riders will unconsciously leave fingerprints on your windows from time to time. You can’t leave the stains there throughout the day. Whenever you notice these prints on your window, wipe them off with the cleaning cloth. This will take you a few minutes. You can get back on the road as soon as you are done with the cleaning.

13. Liquid Detergent

If you don’t have a throw up bag yet, a bottle of liquid detergent or water with soap should be a part of your accessories. When drunk or sick riders throw up in your vehicle, you don’t have to get to the nearest car wash to clean the affected places.

If you are far from the nearest car wash, it saves you from the pain of driving around with a messed up vehicle. Clean your vehicle immediately before you hit the road again.

14. Air Freshener

The smell of your vehicle is one of several things that riders pay attention to when they enter your car. If it smells nice, it is going to make them more comfortable in your vehicle.

You will always come in contact with people that smell differently. While some passengers have good smell, some can put you or the next rider off with repugnant smell. So, it is your duty to always make your vehicle smile nice.

One sure way to do this is to put some air fresheners in your vehicle.

Tech Rideshare Accessories

15. Dash Cam

You also need a dash cam to boost your security. It may be the only saving grace you have when an immoral rider intends to damage your reputation. The cam records all your conversations and dealings with passengers. So, you may need it to defend yourself when someone brings up a false allegations against you.

What if a drunk rider attacks you physically or verbally? The dash can be your saving grace if they turn around to point an accusing finger at you.

Regardless of how safety conscious you are behind the wheel, you may sometimes find yourself in an accident. When that happens, the public and police will most likely put the blame on you, even when they don’t have proof. Your insurance company may have to pay for an accident that may not be your fault. If this happens, simply send the video recorded by the cam to the police. The video may be a life-saver.

Here’s a personal story of a ride-sharing driver on how investing in a dash cam saved him from a possible court case and jail.

He said: “$100 investment saved me $8,000. Sorry it took me so long to post this. $8,000 worth of damage to the front end of my car in May! I had a pax in the backseat while at a stoplight, the car in front of me backed up into my car.

You can hear my Pax scream in the backseat & me honking the horn at the last minute. I called the police & got a police report. The driver tried to tell his insurance company I rear ended him until I emailed this video to them along with the police report. So his insurance paid for everything, plus loss of wage & rental car.” What if the driver didn’t have something to prove his innocence?

16. Phone Mount

People don’t generally feel comfortable with a driver who drives with one hand while taking a call with the other. Apart from the stress of dealing with a wrong turn, it increases your vulnerability to accidents.

A phone mount is all you need to answer your calls without taking your eyes off the road. With it, you can drive with both hands while having a conversation with someone on the other side of the phone.

Apart from looking professional, the mount offers more safety to both you and your riders.

17. GoPro Hero 7 Black

You can’t be too careful with your personal security and that of your vehicle. So, it is important that you record your rides. Something may come up where the record will be everything you need to get out of a difficult situation.

A small recorder like this can record accidents and anything else. If something comes up while driving that deserves to be recorded, take it off from the mount and shoot.

This amazing recorder produces high-quality videos in both 4K and 1080 HD. Install this device in your car to beef up your security.

18. Mileage Tracker

This device enables you to track how many miles you drive from time to time. You need this piece of information for your taxes. The best way to track such information is through a mileage-tracking app. The market offers a wide range of highly efficient options to choose from.

The MileIQ app and Stride Drive app are two of the best in the ridesharing service industry. Both apps are efficient at what they do although they adopt different techniques. MileIQ is the most popular among riders. But, Stride Drive offers some attractive features that give credence to it as a great mileage tracker. It is a worthy alternative to MileIQ.

Rideshare Accessories For Future Business

19. Business Cards

Always move around with some business cards. A satisfied rider may want to continue hiring you. Offer such a passenger your business card. That’s a good way to stay connected with each other.

If riders don’t specifically request for your business card, don’t be too forward and offer it to them. You may meet rejection if you offer unsolicited cards. But, you can keep the cards where passengers can easily see them, especially if you are on a long trip. The rider may see the card and take a look at it. If they are interested in doing business with you some other time, they may take the card and contact you whenever they need your services.

20. Loose Change

Some passengers may be willing to leave cash tips if they are satisfied with your service. But, leaving a $100 tip may be far above their budget. Make it easier for them by carrying some change. If you don’t always have change, riders may not tips.

When you are offered a tip with a big bill, get enough small bills to give them change. That increases your chances of earning more.

Having these accessories in your vehicle, regardless of the platform you drive for is a good investment. The huge benefits they offer will improve your service and endear you to your riders. This may help you to establish a sound business relationship that can potentially boost your income.

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Chapter 5 – Tech Rideshare Accessories

Chapter 6 – Rideshare Accessories For Future Business


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