11 Rideshare Advertising Companies Lyft And Uber Drivers Should Consider Today

Technology is constantly evolving. Things are changing, there are new and refined ways of doing things. One of the recent disruptions is in advertising.

There is no doubt that advertising networks are evolving at the same pace with technology. There has been a constant shift in the advertisement industry. From slapping ads on magazines and newspapers to TV screens to smart phones. Advertisements took another major shift which led to the term “rideshare advertising.”

What Is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is the revolution of transportation in urban societies. This revolution has eased passengers’ lives by giving them a comfortable ride to transport them to their destination. Especially on short notice.

With the ridesharing companies, people have the ability to get a ride anytime with a tap on their phone. There are many rideshare companies. But, Uber and Lyft are the most reputable in the industry at the moment.

What Are The Benefits Of Ridesharing?

Here are some of the benefits of ridesharing:

Convenience: Rideshare companies provide a better and more convenient alternative. Compare ridesharing to traditional means of transportation like buses, taxis, and trains.

It is cost-effective: Ridesharing allows people to share a ride with their friends. This cuts the cost of paying for two seats.

It is fast and efficient: Ridesharing provides a faster and more efficient alternative to taxis. It is the best shot for people running late for an appointment.

In 2016, there were 40 million monthly rideshare users. The interesting thing is that the number keeps shooting up every day. There’s a continuous increase in the numbers of rideshare users and drivers. This has attracted the attention of advertising agencies. Ridesharing came at a time when most advertising agencies need a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences.

With geofencing, ridesharing advertising outperforms other existing means of advertisement. Geofencing is a marketing tool that sends users’ smartphone location to advertisers. This helps advertisers send passengers targeted ads. This increases engagement and leads to more conversions.

What Is Rideshare Advertising?

In the simplest terms, rideshare advertising involves the use of cars to advertise. Products and services can be advertised on devices installed in a rideshare car or on the body of the car. In return, rideshare advertising compensates drivers for using their car to advertise.

Rideshare advertisement is beneficial to all parties. It allows rideshare advertising agencies to reach their target audience. It feeds passengers adverts that are relevant to them and might be able to solve their problems. And lastly, it pays driver for advertising with their car. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Benefits Of Rideshare Advertising

Some of the many benefits of rideshare advertisements include:

It reaches more audiences: Rideshare advertising reaches more potential customers. This is especially true when compared to adverts in magazines or newspapers. Potential customers interact more with rideshare ads compared to newspaper or TV ads.

It is more targeted: Rideshare advertising reaches more people. They do so with target adverts using geofencing. This increases the conversion rate of rideshare advertisement.

It is a smart way to earn for drivers: Rideshare advertising allows drivers to make extra cash. They can do this on top of the money made from driving.

Types of Rideshare Advertisement

In-car advertisement: In-car advertisement involves the use of electronics tablets. These are placed in a rideshare car to display targeted ads to passengers.

On-car advertisement: This involves placing promotional banners or stickers on a rideshare car. These banners may cover a portion or the whole body of the car.

Do Lyft and Uber Allow Rideshare Advertisements?

Lyft and Uber are the biggest and most reputable rideshare companies at the moment. Both companies do not (at the moment) employ rideshare drivers. Instead, they take drivers as independent contractors. These contractors are bound by the company’s terms and conditions.

Being an independent contractor may come with some disadvantages. But, it has its own merits, too. One merit is that you’re free to consider other means of generating revenue. This implies that Lyft and Uber drivers can become rideshare advertisers.

As a rideshare driver, you can choose any agency of your choice. Before you join an agency, make sure your state’s municipal law does not prohibit rideshare advertising. Although Lyft and Uber are advertising friendly, some state authorities are against it. Some states welcome rideshare advertisement. But, they frown upon some types of advertisements. These include ads featuring tobacco, cannabis, and adult-related promotions.

Consider the type of rideshare advertising agency you want to work with. Rideshare advertising is fairly new. It’s still not fully regulated. Some agencies have shady systems they use to cheat rideshare drivers.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to stick with reputable agencies. The truth is, it can be pretty hard finding legit platforms to work with. You don’t have to worry about that. You will soon learn about some of the best and most reputable agencies in this article.

11 Best Ridesharing Advertising App For Lyft And Uber Drivers.

Here is a list of some of the best ridesharing platforms that may be the best fit for you:

1. Tappin X

Tappin X is an in-car advertisement company. They pay you to keep your passengers entertained. Tappin X is designed to provide your passengers with maximum entertainment. They do this by providing passengers with ads that are believed to be the most relevant to them.

To use Tappin X, you will need to install the Tappin X app on a tablet. This tablet will be fastened to your car’s headrest. You will be able to earn on Tappin X as soon as your account is logged into on the tablet.

Tappin X will pay you in tokens each time a passenger views an advert. The value of the token will be determined by the category of the advert your passengers view. Rideshare advertising is more effective compared to traditional forms of advertisements. Ads are categorized into national, regional, and local.

Tappin X pays nothing less than 50% of the advertisement revenue your car generates. This is a bit higher than what most agencies offer. Your accumulated tokens will be paid to your account every month. You can earn up to $800-$1200 monthly. This amount depends on your location. It is also dependent on how well your passengers interact with ads displayed on the screen.

You can also earn more money by referring up to 5 drivers. You will earn 10% of the total revenue of the drivers you refer to. This means that if you refer two drivers who earn $5,000 each monthly, you will be awarded $1,000 extra every month.

2. Vugo

Vugo is another in-car rideshare advertising company that you should consider working with. Like Tappin X, you will be required to install the app on a tablet which will be placed on your car’s headrest.

The app will dish different adverts to your passengers. Between these ads, there will be a short entertaining video or music. Vugo displays ads that are relevant to your passengers. Most of these advertisements are pulled from the passenger’s location. This, in turn, increases the chances of a passenger interacting with the ads. Interaction with the ads displayed on the tablet earns the driver more money.

To sign up on Vugo, you will have to enlist as a rideshare driver. Vugo will put you in the waiting list whilst they review your application. Vugo is currently only available to drivers in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles.

You can rake in $100-$200 or more monthly with Vugo.

3. Wrapify

Wrapify is an on-car advertising agency. They will pay you for wrapping your car with promotional banners. You can decide to either wrap a part of your car or the whole of your car body.

Wrapify’s payment is paid in tokens, daily. Your car mileage will determine how much you will earn. You can track how much your daily earnings will be on the Wrapify app.

A concern for many drivers is their uncertainty. Will their rideshare company allow them wrap their car in advertisement banners? Well, if you are with Lyft, you don’t need to worry as they give you the liberty to advertise on the body of your car. But, Uber drivers are not eligible for this offer. This is because Uber prohibits on-car advertisements.

Make sure you are not infringing any local laws that may frown upon on-car advertising. Violation of this law may result in an outrageous fine. You could also lose the opportunity to be a rideshare driver in the future.

You can earn $100 to $500 on Wrapify monthly. Payments are made bi-weekly.

4. Firefly:

Firefly rebrands on-car advertising. Instead of plastering your car with promotional banners, you will be given a visual display screen. This screen will be fastened to the rooftop of your car.

Like Wrapify, Firefly is available to Lyft drivers only. You can earn up to $300 monthly and you will be paid bi-weekly. You can remove the display screen at any time.

Firefly is only available to drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

5. Surf

Surf is an entertainment-oriented in-car advertisement. This company allows passengers to customize the type of content that is displayed. Surf will entertain your passenger with short and entertaining music and videos. They guarantee maximum relaxation and a superb viewing experience.

Surf chips in adverts that are relevant to the passenger while entertaining them. The agency will give you a tablet after signing up. You will need to hit 150 rideshares monthly to be able to keep the tablet given to you for another month.

You can earn up to $0.35 on every four minute ad interaction session.

6. Play Octopus

Play Octopus will give you a free tablet after you’ve met their minimum requirements. To be eligible for this free tablet you will need to make 100 rideshare trips monthly.

Play Octopus also rewards your passengers if they hit a high score with a $25 Amazon gift card. Your passenger can choose to play any games offered on the Play Octopus platform.

You can earn up to $100 or more monthly on Play Octopus.

7. Viuer

Viuer offers a fusion of both in-car and on-car advertisement.

The on-car advertisement of this agency is only open to Lyft rideshare drivers. You will be given a free tablet which will be placed on your car’s headrest. Advertisements are tailored based on your geo-location and your passenger’s preferences.

Funds are paid based on how well passengers interact with the displayed ads. You can earn up to $600 monthly depending on the impression generated. Viuer is only available to drivers in New York, San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles.

Viuer pays every four months.

8. TripCam

TripCam is more than a rideshare advertising agency. It gives you full functionality. It puts you in the driver’s seat in regards to the type of ads that you want to display to your passengers.

This will allow you to tailor your ads in a way that you know your passenger will interact with it more. It will also allow you to pick the type of ads that can earn you more.

TripCam also provides a surveillance system that records what happens in your car. It stores this recording for up to two weeks.

TripCam is available for both Uber and Lyft drivers. Your earnings with TripCam depends on the type of ads and how many ads you display.

To get started, you will need to install the TripCam app on your tablet.

9. Cargo

Cargo takes a different form of rideshare advertisement. With Cargo, you will be able to offer your passengers snacks and candy. These could either be free or paid.

Whenever passengers buy a product using your box number, you will get a percentage. You will also get a token for free products too. Cargo will restock your car with more boxes of snacks when you run out of stock.

With Cargo, you can earn a decent amount and still provide quality service to your passengers.

10. Carvertise

Carvertise is an on-car advertising agency like Wrapify. But, the agency makes use of a unique strategy. You will be paid $30 per hour to park your car in a place where there is heavy traffic.

Carvertise will also pay you $100 to $200 every month to drive your ad plastered car. This amount is not much compared to other on-car advertising agencies. But, it is a great agency to start earning some decent cash with.


“Steereo” is the misspelt version of stereo. The agency is a fairly new one that promotes music.

Steereo holds some cool benefits for new artists and rideshare drivers. It provides a platform where new artist’s songs are distributed to an audience. It also pays the drivers when they play a piece of new music to their passenger through the app.

Music available to play is tailored based on your location and the time in which the song is playing. Steereo has a large portfolio of music from different genres.

You will be paid via Stripe as soon as the funds in your threshold hit $100, which is the minimum payout. If you are considering this agency, be cautious, as they are still a new agency with little reputation.

Chances are you might come by a lot of scam agencies that are flying around in your search. It is advisable that you investigate a new company before doing business with them.

Most scam companies make outrageous claims, promising hundreds of dollars in a day or two. Whenever you come by offers that are too good to be true, it is important that you dig up more information about them.

Some scam agencies will ask you to make an initial deposit before you can advertise on your car. That’s a red flag, no legitimate agency will ask for money before you can advertise in or on your car with them.


Rideshare advertising is a great way to earn some extra cash. Especially while bringing value to your passengers. Take your time to research the type of rideshare advertising that best fits you.

Make sure rideshare advertising is allowed in your state to avoid getting into trouble with your local authorities.

Happy rideshare advertising!

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