12 Advertising Options For Uber And Other Rideshare Drivers

Marketing and advertising are becoming more prominent in several industries. One of which is the rideshare industry. Uber drivers now have several advertising options available to them. Apart from your earnings as a driver you can make a lot of money advertising in your car. This is an avenue to having more income flow to your bank account.

What Is Uber Advertisement?

Uber advertisements refer to materials displayed in or outside an Uber car. They are materials displayed in the unique peer-to-peer transportation environment. These may vary from print to digital media. They can also be any other creatives that advertisers use to promote their services or products to their target audience. These communication materials may be put up in the cabin area. They can also be mounted visual materials and signage.

Are Adverts Allowed On Uber And Lyft Vehicles?

The straightforward answer to this question is in the type of advertising. The kind of ads that drivers wish to display in the rideshare determines this. Uber and Lyft cannot control their driver’s choice of extra income. This is because they only act as independent contractors. But, these companies have terms and conditions. Uber tend to have more restrictions on commercial branding. Drivers who violate these rules stand a risk of losing access to this service.

Why Do Drivers Make Use Of Rideshare Advertising?

Rideshare operators have the advantage of a ready and steady audience. Members of this audience include passengers inside their vehicles. Members also include other drivers, as well as other road users.

Operators engage in several daily interactions. This provides a direct connection between businesses and consumers. Many of these interactions grant access to new opportunities to generate money. It’s only right to take advantage of this opportunity. There is nothing immoral about an extra source of income. In fact, the more, the merrier!

Are There Legal Implications For Uber Advertising?

Laws and restrictions on external advertising vary. Each municipal has rules on private for-hire transportation and logistics services. It is advisable to always check for local county and state regulatory guidelines. This is so you aren’t at risk of facing heavy fines and even the possibility of losing the side business.

The following are laws you should check before making a decision:

Before making a decision, you should do your research. There are several factors to consider. First on your list are the laws of the state. Some states place regulations on the use of rear tinted windows. This means as a rideshare driver or operator, you may not be allowed to advertise your business on your vehicle’s windows. Do you need clarification? Check with your local DMV or police station to see if they can provide information that will help.

Municipal laws are next in line for consideration. Many cities also have laws in place that regulate mobile advertising. Most of these laws tend to apply more to moveable billboards and not vehicles, not in all cases though. Your city hall should provide you with more helpful information that you may need.

You should also check with the homeowners association, if you have one. This will save you unnecessary stress and fines. You need to be sure that you can park your vehicle on the street or in your driveway if it has advertisements. You need to ensure you are doing things the right way. This will help you avoid getting towed by law enforcement authorities.

Ready to go? Not yet, there are a few more things to consider:

Once you know that you can legally advertise on a rideshare vehicle, there are more steps to take. In some states you are required to register your vehicle as a commercial vehicle. Depending on your type of insurance coverage, you may also need to buy a separate business policy. It is advised that you carefully consider all these requirements to be sure you are on the right side of the law.

What Is The Relationship Between Rideshare Advertising And Auto Insurance?

Many operators of internal advertising systems use a holistic approach. This makes them serve as a complement to the ridesharing experience. The procedure is usually multi-functional. They bring entertainment together with business related features. This makes it a bit more fun. It can be inferred that the offering is covered by your rideshare insurance packages.

But, external advertising is not included in the internal advertising systems. They are classified under the commercial-use category. This is because they focus on advertising most of the time. What if a driver gets into an accident caused by external advertising? There is a high risk of losing coverage from the rideshare company as well as the insurance provider. This is because commercial coverage is not included in most plan’s protection package. It is advisable to always check with your rideshare company of choice. Be certain you have a policy endorsement that caters to the risk. Do this before you choose an external advertising option.

12 In-car Advertising Options For Uber And Other Rideshare Drivers

There are many rideshare advertising services out there. It can be pretty difficult to pick a credible company.

First, let us consider how to tell if a company is as legitimate as it claims.

– Legitimate companies will never ask for any form of payment upfront

– Legitimate companies will always inquire about your driving habits. They may be a little choosy when they do this.

– Legitimate companies will never ask about your insurance policy

– Legitimate companies will include their contact information on their website.

– Legitimate companies will never make offers that sound too good to be true.

– Legitimate companies will never come to you with strange requests. These requests may include cashier checks or anything else  sinister.

It might be hard to sort through the pile of companies out there to find a good one, but you don’t have to worry about that. Here is a list of top and highly recommended companies you should consider working with:

1. Tappin X

Tappin X is a unique in-car advertising platform. It is dedicated to passengers in Rideshare vehicles. Tappin X is an updated app for rideshare drivers on Uber or Lyft to make extra income.

You can download their app on a tablet. They can also provide you a tablet that has a headrest mount. You can earn money from any customer that uses the app. This app can be a very valuable part of your rideshare business.

This advertising company incorporates driver and passenger considerations. All their advertising messages are “passive.” Sound is muted on the app so it doesn’t intrude on the comfort of your passenger.

Tappin X is a mobile advertising only platform. Your passengers are not likely to be distracted with useless and unwanted content. They make direct advertising messages unobtrusively and directly to passengers for optimum effect.

The system uses facial recognition technology. And logs of rideshare activities to confirm the viewership of your passengers. So you can keep driving while you earn more money.

2. Carvertise

Carvertise is a budding car-wrap company. They usually pay a flat rate of $10 per month for many of their campaigns. At other times, they can pay up to $200 per month. They pay hourly rates to drivers who park in high traffic neighborhoods. Rates are usually around $30 per hour or according to the footfall rate of the locality.

Carvertise requires low mile coverage compared to its many other alternatives. Cavertise is best for drivers who do rideshare every now and then. Those who have rides that amount to 30 miles or more in 24 hours can advertise. Cavertise will pay for the installation and removal of the car wraps.

3. FireFly

Firefly converts your car roof to a live LED Billboard

Firefly runs targeted adverts as drivers go through neighborhoods. They install LED signs on top vehicles. They dedicate about 10% of their ads to local municipal and governmental messages. This comes in the form of public service announcements.

Firefly still maintains a low profile status in most cities. But, drivers who are on these platforms earn sums of up to $300 in exchange for their platform and time.

4. Grabb-It Labs

Grabb-It Labs converts vehicle windows into attractive screens

Full-time drivers on Grabb-It have the potential of earning up to $300 per month. This is spread across an hourly basis while making use of the platform.

Grabb-It will pay you to put up a laser projector on your vehicle. This is so they can display ads on your passenger window when you don’t have a ride or when you’re parked.

5. Play Octopus

Play Octopus provides a gaming table for your passengers

Passengers can play games for free. Advertisements display at every 2-3 steps of progress recorded in the game. Play Octopus is a tablet-based advertising display platform. They aim at reaching rideshare passengers. They get this done by engaging passengers with their device through the games.

Drivers are not left out as well. Drivers receive a point for every ride they give. Play octopus estimates this and gives out half point for every game that passengers play in the backseat of their vehicle. At 250 points, drivers will get $25. Play Octopus’ spokesperson says drivers earn up to $100 every month with the system they have in place.

6. Vugo

Vugo is an entertainment device that is positioned in rideshare vehicles. Vugo makes use of smart tablets mounted to seat headrest. These tablets offer passengers ads as well as engaging entertainment.

Vugo is configured with a unique algorithm. This makes ads display according to the immediate location of the vehicle in real time. Riders are then served with ads that can be described as useful. Ads of nearby stores and eateries are used to engage users. The system streamlines the displayed information based on the viewer’s interaction.

Drivers who use vugo are speculated to earn between $100 to $200. There is no actual evidence to back up this claim. Vugo hasn’t released any figures for their drivers or fleets. This makes it hard to put an estimate on the potential take home earnings of drivers.

7. Surf

Surf offers drivers a unique approach to rideshare entertainment. Passengers can personalize their entertainment viewing experiences. They are at liberty to choose from a pool of varying content options. Selections can be made from music to movies and advertisements. Directories highlight local companies.

Drivers who make at least 150 rideshare trips every month enjoy free service. Their passengers can surf the tablets for free. Drivers are paid $0.35 for every session completed. Each session requires four-minutes of passenger engagement. Surf claims that rideshare drivers who make use of their platform report a boost in their tip. They’ve also reported positive ratings as well.

8. TripCam

TripCam app operates on a different business model. They run an advertising system where drivers can regulate the ads that display. TripCam is an advertising system that doubles as a monitoring system.

Drivers are responsible for attracting local businesses. They can showcase their wares on the platform. This may appear as any of the following:

-Special offers

-Groupon Offerings


With this offer for drivers, it is a case of how many people they can get to advertise on TripCam.

TripCam operations encompasses enhanced safety for drivers. TripCam has functions that record every activity. It then saves the recordings for two weeks. Drivers love this one because passengers can tip them directly. This can be done through the tablet without having to go through Uber or Lyft.

The app is free and very easy to install on your device. A tablet is the preferred device. Drivers will need a card reader attachment to access tips.

9. Viuer

Viuer is only available to rideshare drivers in select cities for now. The advertisement that is displayed is selected on a location basis and the time of each trip. Lyft drivers prefer to go with their decal wrapping advertising. Viuer offers external rideshare advertising as well as regular in-vehicle advertising. For use in the cabin, hardware accompanied with a smart device are sent to drivers

Viuer sends payment via paypal per quarter. Drivers are paid per passenger impression. But, per-impression payment rate is a function of real time geographical location.

Drivers are able to track impressions via the app and through the monthly reports sent by Viuer.

10. Wrapify

“Wrap” your car and get paid.

Wrapify is one of the favorites of rideshare drivers who drive full time. This is because the chances of earning more are higher. They have the opportunity to earn more than the flat rate on their advertising. Wrapify’s website estimates drivers earnings at between $264 and $452 monthly.


This is another form of Innovative Rideshare Advertising. It provides unique services for rideshare drivers and advertisers.

VIEWDIFY makes rideshare advertising quite easy, effective, and unique. Their philosophy is simple. They strive to keep passengers entertained while they display ads in-between. By doing this, advertisers get their messages across while passengers enjoy their rides. Drivers get higher ranking as well.

12. Uber

Uber is planning to turn its app into a ‘content marketplace’ during rides.

Uber’s recent activities have been described as more of a technology company than a transportation company. The adoption of this unique content marketplace, further gives credence to this claim. This is because it can be used even when you are not in an Uber vehicle.

This is also a strategic step that helps advertise and spread content. This content is aimed at bringing user back to Uber’s core transportation business.

It is said that Uber is working with targeted partners on the platform. This is to ensure they bring in the perfect blend of contextual experience or entertainment. So, they can save the app from being overridden with unapproved messaging or services.

If Uber pushes through with this advertising and technological initiative, it will be a big push in bringing Uber closer to its users. The big question remains. Will the customers want this direction of growth from this company?


Ridesharing is one of the viable ways to earn extra income. But who says you can’t make more money through advertising? Signing up with an Uber advertising platform will increase your earning power without any extra work from you.

Making money can be fun, especially when it is passive. Uber advertising offers you that opportunity. You can start earning as soon as you want. Rideshare advertising is very compatible with driving services. It is a win-win for all parties involved: drivers, passengers, and businesses.

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