Uber Careers: How To Drive For Uber And Earn Passive Income

Uber is the biggest name in the ridesharing industry across the different cities in the world. It all started 10 years ago in San Francisco. Uber was founded and the era of ride-sharing began. It opened up so many career opportunities for thousands of people in cities where they operate. This was because there was a massive need of human capital for the budding idea to gain momentum.

Out of all the job opportunities Uber opened up, the most important was the drivers. Uber drivers were the foundations upon which the entire structure was built. Uber needed drivers to sign up to the platform and drive people to their desired destination. That was the whole point anyway. The success of the platform, even up until today, has been tied to the drivers. Which begs the question, is going the Uber career path a good idea?

The Emergence Of The Ridesharing Industry

Ride-sharing is a new way for people to get around from one point to another. It goes beyond the traditional options of public transportation or private hires. Come to think of it, it kind of merges the two together. It combines the comfort and flexibility of privately hiring a car with the reach of public transportation.

Ride-sharing works by being a kind of connection between private car owners and people in need of a ride. Riders can order a ride on a ride-sharing platform. Then, they input their location and destination. On the private car owner’s side, who is the driver, they receive the ride order. They then proceed to pick up the user and transport them to their destination. The fare is usually predetermined or at least a range is set. There is an exchange of money at the end of the trip. Either cash or paid through the app, and the process is complete.

Uber is the frontrunner of this new breed of transportation companies. There are other players in the same space that are also doing well. Lyft is the other big player, especially in the United States. Taxify (Bolt), Grab, and EasyTaxi are other fledgling competitors. How did Uber become the ride-sharing giant that they are?

Uber, How It All Started

Uber started its journey in 2009 as UberCab. But the idea was birthed on a snowy night in Paris in December, 2008. The soon to be founders of the ride-sharing giant were in the city of lights. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp needed to get somewhere that night but couldn’t get a ride. The frustration they both experienced that night served as a fertile ground for their creativity.

By March of the following year, The Uber app had already been created. Users could order a ride by tapping a button. By July 2010, the first Uber ride was recorded. It was a ride across San Francisco. This opened up the gateway of rides which grew exponentially as the years progressed. As of May 2017, the number of rides that had been taken on Uber was at 5 billion! UberPool was launched in 2014. UberPool allows riders that were moving in the same direction or destination to share rides.

Uber then marched on and on in their quest to dominate and set new standards for the industry. They started expanding their portfolio from their core ride-sharing app. Uber expanded into Artificial Intelligence and started working on self-driving cars. In 2016, the self-driving pilot vehicle launched. Riders now had the option to request for a self-driving vehicle if they so wanted. Uber Freights was also launched in 2017 and Uber Health in March 2018. Are you interested in starting a career with Uber, especially as a driver? If so, you might want to learn more about some of their other portfolio companies. This could help you earn even more. Examples of such include UberEats and Uber for Business.

UberEats, Disrupting The Food Delivery Niche

Uber decided sometime ago that they could start moving something else using the same Uber platform. Only now, instead of moving people, they would be delivering food. This birthed UberEats which launched in 2014. This was a brilliant move as shown in the quick growth of the platform. In 2018, UberEats had up to $6 billion dollars in deliveries.

UberEats is another way that you can earn with Uber as a driver. It is easy to sign up as an UberEats driver, it is the same Uber app. The requirements for signing up for UberEats are almost the same as regular Uber. You get to increase your earnings with little effort on your part. You could make money either delivering food, moving people, or both. It is up to you and depends on what your income goals are.

Uber For Business

This is another brilliantly innovative concept from Uber. Uber for Business was created as the business facing part of Uber. Uber for Business is a digital platform, like the traditional Uber. From here, companies can manage their transportation needs, both for their clients and employees. This is yet another way for Uber drivers to earn more, all from the same app. The Uber app is quickly becoming an all-round transportation hub.

In June 2018, Uber recorded up to 10 billion trips! Currently, Uber has up to 3 million drivers signed up to its platform globally. If you are considering a career at Uber, as a driver or staff, you will be in the middle of a giant, innovative company.

How To Become An Uber Driver

The allure of ride-share driving is more than the extra income. That is a major factor, of course, but there are some other benefits that are just as attractive. Chief of these is the ability to set your own time, be your own boss as it were. That is what driving with ride-share companies has given to their drivers. You know you can be your own boss and make as much money doing as much work as you want to do. It kind of gives the job a different feel.

Driving with Uber is easy. You simply have to go through a few processes, both for yourself and your car. Then, you will be set to start earning with Uber. There are some requirements that you as a driver would have to fulfill and some for your vehicle.

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Uber has a list of requirements that vehicles must meet before they get approved and allowed to operate on the Uber platform. This makes sense as you would not, as a rider, want a mess of a car rolling up to pick you up. There are variations to the requirements. It depends on the Uber service that you want to drive for. Each service comes with its own unique list. Here they are:

Vehicle Requirements For UberX

Uber X is the lowest service level with Uber. For the vehicle, it is the easiest to qualify for, and the cheapest for riders. Your vehicle could be ready for its first UberX ride if it is less than 10 years old and is in good condition. That is quite a general requirement as far as requirements go. The requirements for the specific model or year could be different for each city. Check that out before you start the process.

In this instance, make sure your set of wheels has four doors and 5 seatbelts. Then be sure the car is neat, no blemishes or dents. You should be good to go.

Vehicle Requirements for UberPOOL

Here is another Uber service that is a bit relaxed with its vehicle requirements. The requirements are like those for UberX. UberPool allows multiple passengers to share the same ride. This is a great option for those that want to save money and do not mind sharing their ride with a stranger. It is also a great option for the driver that wants to rack up passengers and profits fast.

Vehicle Requirements for UberXL

This option is for drivers with vehicles that have large capacities. To qualify for this, your vehicle must be able to sit more than 5 passengers. This service is for Uber riders that need to transport 7 or more people at once. For the driver, this is also an opportunity to earn more with each ride request. As can be expected, the vehicles used for UberXL are usually Minivans and SUVs. Make sure the vehicle is in good condition and less than 15 years old. Then, you are good to go.

Vehicle Requirements for UberSUV

The requirements for this are like UberXL, but there is one important difference. Vehicles in this service, as can be guessed, have to be SUVs. They must seat upwards of 7 people including the driver. One major difference between UberSUV and UberXL is the age of the vehicles allowed.

For your SUV to be considered for UberSUV, it has to be 5 years old or less. It also has to be in the best condition. In fact, your vehicle should qualify as a luxury vehicle. This Uber service is quite expensive and it’s for high-end riders.

Vehicle Requirements For UberSELECT

This is another Uber service that caters to riders that want something a little bit more than basic. The vehicles acceptable for this service cannot be older than 2009 models. They also have to be 4-door luxury sedans with leather or vinyl seats.

Vehicle Requirements For UberBLACK

This is an even more high-end service from Uber. Vehicles in this category must sport entirely black interior and exterior. The vehicle also has to be at least a 2014 model, no lower. The UberBlack service is usually reserved for fancy black-tie affairs.

Vehicle Requirements for UberLUX

This category has the highest level of luxury out of all of Uber’s services. This service only has three requirements. Your vehicle must be full size, luxury and no later than 2012 model. Basically, your vehicle must be at the top of the luxury cars food chain for it to be accepted into this service.

So now, you know the vehicle requirements for each of the Uber categories. Check which category your vehicle falls into before you go ahead to sign up.

Uber Driver Requirements

Okay, you are sure your car is up to snuff. You are halfway to receiving your first rider request. Besides the vehicle requirements, Uber also has some sets of requirements for drivers. This is understandable as they would want to ensure that you are a good driver and can drive safely. Here is a list of driver requirements:

– You must have a valid Driver’s License

– You must also have at least 1 year of driving experience if you are 23 or older. But if you are under 23, you must have up to 3 years of experience.

– You must meet the minimum age for driving in your city.

– You must have vehicle insurance.

– Finally, you must have a vehicle registration.

You will be required to submit these documents to Uber. Uber will then conduct their own background check on you. This is to determine if you have had any major traffic violations in the past or criminal history. Drivers with criminal records or sexual offenders will be disqualified.

If you have scaled through all these processes, then you are finally ready to start earning with Uber. The next step would be to visit the Uber sign up page, enter your details and submit your documents. You will wait for a while for Uber to conduct their background check. If all checks out, you should be out driving in just a few days.

How Much Does An Uber Driver Make?

This is not a very straightforward question to answer. This is mostly because, you as a driver, are majorly responsible for how much you earn.

Drivers are paid a percentage of every fare they complete. A combination of factors determine price. Uber’s payment system can be categorized as follows:

  • Base Fare
  • Mileage
  • Time
  • Booking Fee

Although these rates vary city by city, the principle behind them does not.

The base fare and booking fees are fixed amounts applied to every ride.

Then the mileage and time get taken into account. A per minute and per mile fee are added to the total rideshare expense. This means that if there is a gridlock, the time multiplier is a plus for you as a driver.

Due to these variable factors, it is a bit difficult to calculate how much an Uber driver makes. It is difficult, not impossible. According to Earnest Loans, it is estimated that an Uber driver makes about $364 per month. This is not a bad amount for a side gig. Of course, as a driver, you can decide to earn more if you are willing to work more hours.

Is Being An Uber Driver A Valid Career Path?

As mentioned earlier, Uber has 3 million drivers signed up on the app. Uber has had recurring issues about its drivers over the past few years. But, the Uber pool of drivers is still getting larger and larger every month.

The ridesharing model is very convenient for most drivers. Especially since they can combine working for more than one company. A lot of drivers that are on Uber also work for Uber’s main rival in the US, Lyft. Some even work with traditional taxi cabs. It is a flexible lifestyle that suits most people.

Most drive with ride-sharing companies as a part-time job. This gives them a passive income, something outside of their regular job. This works for them and they are okay with whatever extra money they can get. But then there are those that do it full time, they drive around the clock as it is their sole source of income. These are the people that benefit most from the platform. They make the most money.

An Extra Passive Earning Opportunity For Uber Drivers

It is interesting to note that Uber drivers can earn extra passive income apart from what they already earn with the rides or food deliveries. They simply have to tap into the fast-rising rideshare advertising industry. Rideshare advertising allows them to display ads to their riders and get paid for the views and engagements such ads generate. Uber drivers simply have to join some of the credible rideshare advertising companies. Then, they can start advertising with their cars. Examples of such companies are TappinX and Vugo.

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Chapter 5 – Uber For Business

Chapter 6 – How To Become An Uber Driver

Chapter  7 – Uber Vehicle Requirements

Chapter 8 – Uber Driver Requirements

Chapter 9 – An Extra Passive Earning Opportunity For Uber Drivers


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