Uber Tablet: A Unique Earning Opportunity For Uber Drivers

With the help of technology, Uber was able to create a model that will fix a ride for passengers in a short timeframe. The model known as ridesharing allows passengers to hail a ride, that will take them to their destinations, from their smartphone. It also allows them to pay for rides on their smartphones through the app.

Ridesharing also benefits drivers. As an Uber driver, you can create a stable source of income by conveying passengers to their different destinations. But, ridesharing has evolved from what it used to be. Today, advertisement companies use ridesharing as a platform to reach Uber riders. This is why smart drivers are installing Uber tablets in their backseat. They do so to maximize their earning opportunities.

This post will talk about the benefits of installing an Uber tablet in your car for advertising. It will also review the different rideshare advertising companies you can consider to feature ads on the screen of your Uber tablet.

What Is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing involves conveying passengers to their various destinations in a prearranged ride. A rideshare company allows passengers to hail a ride with their mobile app. It also notifies you of your new pickup.

To have a great rideshare experience, you should choose a reputable ridesharing company. If you choose a ridesharing company that people do not trust, you as the driver will be frustrated. This is because the number of pickups you will have may be limited. Another important thing to consider is if the rideshare company allows ridesharing advertisement. Uber is easily one of the best rideshare companies for drivers.

Why Should You Consider Uber?

Here are some reasons that make Uber preferable to other rideshare companies:

Industry leader

Uber was the first company to dominate the rideshare industry. Because it has been in the industry for a long time, it has mastered how to please both riders and drivers.

It Is Reputable

Apart from Uber being the first ridesharing company, it has a strong reputation that precedes it. Uber is known for connecting passengers to drivers promptly. It is also trusted by a lot of people and pays serious attention to customer satisfaction. So, they control the largest market share.

It Supports Ridesharing Adverts

Uber allows in-car and on-car advertisement. This means you can earn extra income by displaying adverts to your riders, especially though an Uber Tablet. The rideshare advertising industry is still evolving. New advertisers are trooping in to take advantage of this unique and laser-targeted advertising model.

When considering rideshare advertising, make sure you are not violating any municipal law that restricts advertisement.

It Is Safe

One reason why many passengers prefer to use Uber over other ridesharing companies is because their safety is guaranteed in a way. Uber does not share passengers’ personal information with you, the driver. It also allows them to share their trip details with up to five of their friends. With your passenger’s permission, Uber will share your first name and vehicle details with your passenger’s friends. This feature makes riders to feel more secure.

Uber also caters to the safety of their drivers. It tracks your vehicle with a GPS tracker and can track your car if anything goes wrong. It also allows you to share your location with your loved ones. There is even a 24/7 support system to attend to distress calls.

It Rewards Excellent Performance

Excellent performance is always rewarded on Uber. After a ride, your passenger will be given the chance to rate your performance on a scale of 1-5. If you are an excellent driver, you ensured that your passengers had a great rideshare experience. They will have no problem giving you an excellent rating.

It Allows You To Set A Flexible Schedule

As an Uber driver, you have the liberty to create your schedule. You get to choose what time you will work and for how long. You will also be allowed to choose the type of trips you want and the type of passengers you want to pick.

How Does Ridesharing Advertisement Work?

Rideshare advertisements use geofencing to send targeted ads to ridesharing users. Geofencing is a form of advertisement campaign. It targets an audience in a particular demographic with ads that are most relevant to them.

These targeted advertisements will pop on the screen of your Uber tablet as soon as you enter a marked geofence radius. This makes rideshare advertising more targeted, engaging and effective. Especially compared to other forms of advertisement.

What Is An Uber Tablet?

An Uber tablet is a tabloid device that is fastened to your headrest. An Uber tablet is installed in your backseat to entertain and display targeted ads to your passenger. This happens while you drive them to their destination.

Before you install a tablet to your headrest, you should take note of the requirements Uber wants a tablet to have before it is installed in your backseat:

It must support a Data Simcard

It must have a minimum screen size of 4.7 Inch

It must be able to connect to the internet

It must be able to make phone calls

It must have a minimum of 2GB ram

It must have the Android version 6.0 (for Android version)

Before you purchase a device, you should check the list of Uber banned devices to make sure that your device is not banned by Uber.

Benefits Of Installing An Uber Tablet In Your Backseat

It Allows You To Entertain Your Passengers

Installing an Uber Tablet in the backseat of your car will allow you to entertain your passengers while you take them to their destination. They can watch fun videos and ads, thereby killing boredom.

Earning Opportunities

Installing an Uber tablet in your car does not only benefit your passenger. It is a good earning opportunity for you as a driver. Advertisers will pay you for the ads watched by your passengers. Some advertisers will pay you based on the engagement rate of the ads displayed to your passengers. Others will pay you based on how well your passengers engage with the ads.

It Is Solution Based

Installing an Uber tablet in your backseat allows you to add value to your passengers. Advertisements displayed on your Uber tablet are tailored by the algorithm. They change based on each passenger’s needs. With your Uber tablet, you can provide your passengers with adverts that will add value to their personal life and business.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Rideshare Advertising Company


Before you choose a rideshare advertisement company, you need to be sure it is reputable and has a great record. If you see a new company with little or no reviews, it is advisable to consider another company. This is because of a lot of the new rideshare advertising companies are out to scam.

Earning Abilities

While some advertisement company will not scam you, they pay peanuts and are not worth your time. Before you consider an advertisement company, you should be sure the pay is decent.

Top 7 Companies That Can Feature Ads On Your Uber Tablet

1. Tappin X

Tappin X is one company to consider when you want to display ads on your Uber tablet. Tappin X will display ads that will entertain your passengers to the fullest. These ads will also be tailored to suit their interests.

To display ads to your passengers, you will need to install the Tappin X app on your Uber tablet. The tablet will be fastened to the headrest. Tappin X will pay you in tokens each time your passenger views an advert. These ads can be a national, regional, or local category. The tokens paid for each ad will be determined by its category. Your token will be calculated and paid at the end of each month.

You can earn $800-$1200, depending on how well your riders interact with your ads. It also depends on your location. You can also earn more money by referring other rideshare drivers to join the platform.

2. Vugo

The ads that will be displayed on your Uber Tablet will be based on your passenger’s interest. There is an interlude between each advert. Each advert is tailored by Vugo’s Algorithm.

Vugo will pay you for each ad displayed to your riders. Payment will be done based on how well your passenger interacts with your ads.

One downside about Vugo is that it is only available for drivers in San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. Also, before you can be considered, you will need to enlist and be on the waiting list.

3. Surf

Surf gives your passengers the liberty to personalize the ads they want to see. These ads are entertainment ads which may be music or movies adverts.

Ads will start showing on your Uber Tablet as soon as you install the app on it. Surf will pay you $0.35 for each ad session. An ad session requires your passenger to engage with ads for at least four minutes.

4. Play Octopus

Play Octopus will give your passenger the liberty to play games for free. Advertisements will be displayed between the game.

As a rideshare driver, you will earn half of the points your passenger earn playing a game. You can earn up to $100 every month depending on how much your passenger plays the game.

5. Viuer

Viuer is another rideshare advertising company. They display highly targeted ads to your passengers. These ads will be tailored by the company’s algorithm to suit the best interest of your passengers.

You will be paid based on how well your passengers engage with the ads. You can earn up to $600 per month. Viuer is only available in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Denver as this time.

6. TripCam

TripCam gives you the chance to customize your ads. This means that you can tailor ads that will be displayed based on your passenger’s locality. Also, you will be able to test your selection and see how your passenger interacts with it.

With TripCam, your earning ability is determined by the type of advertisement you select to display. How well your passenger interacts with your ads matters as well.

To get started with TripCam, you will need to install their app on your Uber tablet. Then you can sign up and you are all set up.


VIEWDIFY is another rideshare advertising company. They focus on supplying your passenger with advertisements that add value and entertain. VIEWDIFY will provide you with a tablet and a USB stick. Unlike other companies, it does not use Wifi or GPS to display ads.

How much you can earn on VIEWDIFY is not stated. The company will provide you with a dashboard. There, you can track all your earnings. Your earnings will be paid at the end of every month.

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