UberX: What Every Rider And Driver Should Know

Have you ever needed to go somewhere in any major city? If so, you’ve probably used an app with a weird looking U. Within a few minutes, you are in the backseat of a car taking you to your desired destination. That is the magic of ridesharing.

When it comes to the ridesharing industry, Uber is not a name to be trifled with. Uber has conquered the ridesharing market and they have done so with many offerings. They have a list of services that appeal to different user demographics. UberX is the most popular of these offerings. It is a service that has moved millions of people in various cities across the world.

In this article, you will learn about how UberX works, how much the service costs, and how easy it is to order.

What Is Uber?

Uber is a name synonymous with transportation anywhere in the world. Uber started its journey for world domination about a decade ago in San Francisco. The budding startup connected riders to drivers in a very unique way. If you needed to get somewhere as a rider, you opened the Uber app and put in your location and destination. The app uses the GPS location feature that already comes with your phone and plots the information on a map.

The app then sends your request to the closest driver to your location. If the driver is ready, they accept, comes over to your location to pick you up, and takes you to your destination. Money is either paid via credit card, which is already on file on the app, or cash, whichever works for you. This process is smooth, easy, safe, and efficient.

This model of transportation has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Other players like Lyft, Taxify (Bolt) have also entered the space. Uber has now recorded tens of billions of rides since their launch. It has grown into a global company that is helping millions of drivers earn extra income. Uber has been able to grow so much in such a short period of time because they are not a one size fits all company.

They provide several services to their riders and drivers that work for different types of people. Do you need a luxury car to take you to an awards show? Do you want a basic sedan to take you on a trip to the mall? The chances are that you can get whatever service you need from Uber. One of their most popular services is UberX.

What Is UberX?

UberX is the basic car on-demand service offered by Uber. It is their flagship service and has been with Uber from the beginning. It is supposed to be the cheapest, but the introduction of UberPool has made it the second cheapest. If you factor in UberExpressPool, it may be the third cheapest, depending on your area’s offerings. UberPool offers the same service as UberX except for one crucial difference. Riders can share their ride with other riders, who are usually strangers, so they can all share the bill. This results in a much cheaper bill for each rider.

What if you launch the Uber app and don’t change any of the default settings? An UberX ride is the service you will be offered by the app. UberX is a basic, low-cost, private ride service offered by Uber. A 4-door standard sedan with a capacity of at least 4 passengers would most likely roll up after ordering an UberX. Don’t expect a fancy and luxurious car when you order an UberX. But you will get a comfortable and low-cost ride that would beat any taxi ride.

Why You Should Use UberX

There are so many ride options available now, from Uber and other players in the rideshare space. Here are reasons why riders continually make UberX their top choice:


One good reason that might prompt you to jump into an UberX is the price. It is not the cheapest Uber ride, but it is close. UberPool would cost less, but it is not as available as UberX in most cities. Not to mention the fact that you would have to share your ride with strangers if you go for UberPool.

UberX is also usually cheaper than a regular taxi ride, which isn’t as comfortable. You are getting a comfortable, private ride, that costs less than the other options available when you choose UberX.


UberX is the most widely available of the Uber services. It is Uber’s flagship service, which is why it is available everywhere Uber is. UberX also has the easiest requirements for both vehicles and drivers alike. As a result, it has the most drivers out of all the Uber car on-demand services.

Compared to other Uber services and even those of other rideshare companies. You are more likely to get an UberX in almost every state in the US and across most major cities in the world too.


Uber’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act also extends to its UberX service. All UberX drivers are required to accommodate to the needs of riders with disabilities. UberX drivers are also required to allow service animals into their cars. Non-compliance with these rules could get an UberX driver barred from using the platform.

UberX is the favorite Uber service for most people. It is a perfect option for some everyday activities like:

– Going to the airport.

– A casual date. If you are out to impress, you might want to go with UberBlack or one of the more luxurious options.

– Hang out with friends.

– Exploring the nooks and crannies of a new city during vacation without having to spend so much.

– Work commute.

UberX is an Uber service that is a win-win for both Uber drivers and riders. The service is a cool way for car owners to earn a little extra income. Are you a driver and wondering how to get on the UberX platform? If so, the requirements for both yourself and your vehicle are listed below.

UberX Driver Requirements

It makes sense that Uber will have some kind of requirements for their drivers. After all, they are concerned about the safety of their riders. These are things that drivers must have before they are allowed to drive under the UberX service. If you are considering driving for UberX, here are the requirements you must meet:

– You must have a valid driver’s license.

– You must have been driving for at least three years if you are under 23. But if you are above 23 years old, then you must have been driving for a year.

– Your car must be insured.

– You must also be of legal driving age in whatever city you want to drive.

– You must have all your vehicle registrations and licenses.

These are basic requirements every driver should already have. To complete your driver registration with UberX, you have to submit these documents. The submission is done online on the Uber sign up page.

Before UberX gives you the final green light, they will conduct a background check on you. This is to find out if you have any serious traffic violations, a criminal past, or if you are a sexual offender. This background check is quite thorough. Uber wants to make sure that they have dotted all the ‘I’s and crossed all the ‘T’s. If this goes without a hitch, then you are set to start driving on UberX.

UberX Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle requirements for UberX are not as strict as the ones for the other Uber services. This is why there are so many drivers registered on this service. It is easy for people with basic cars to get the green light to start transporting UberX riders. The main requirement is for your vehicle to not be more than 10 years old and be in good working condition.

Good working condition in this instance means that your car should be free of dents and scratches. Both the interior and exterior should look good. It should have 4 passenger seats and 5 seatbelts, all in good working condition. These are as basic as car requirements can get. Most cars can conveniently pass these requirements.

Cars like the Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius, Ford Escape and Honda Accord are all common because of their affordability and low fuel consumption. They are also very reliable and you can use them for other things. There are other cars in this range people use for Uber X but you cannot use them for a more fancy option in Uber.

There is one other thing you need to take into consideration. The vehicle requirements for the particular city you intend to drive in might differ from the general requirements. This can be based on city regulations and other things. You might want to get ahead of that and check those requirements before you sign up to be an UberX driver.

How To Ride With Uber X

UberX is the Uber service gift that keeps on giving, both for the drivers and riders. For the drivers, it is a great way to keep an extra stream of income flowing in. You get to work on your own terms and it is extra fun for you, if you enjoy driving. For the riders, they get to ride comfortably in a private car at a reasonable price.

Here are the simple steps to follow to order an UberX ride:


– Download the Uber app on your phone, either from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.

– Open the Uber app and type your destination in the “Where To” column. You will also be asked for your location. You might want to turn on your location in the settings if it isn’t on already. Once this is set, then select UberX from the drop-down menu in the bottom of your screen. After this, tap confirm UberX.

– Once a driver has accepted your request, you can see their picture in the app. You can also see what type of car they drive and their license plate. You can track their progress on the map as they come to pick you up.

The Ride

– When the rider arrives, make sure that the picture on your app matches how the driver looks. Also, check that the numbers on the license plate match the one that is on your app. These are features designed into the app to make sure you are safe.

– After everything has been confirmed you can now start your trip. The driver already has your destination on the map and they know how to get there. You can give suggestions though if you know quicker routes or routes with less traffic.

The Drop Off

– You would have been required to input your credit card details when you sign up on the Uber platform. At the end of your ride, your ride amount would be automatically deducted from your account. This makes the drop off smooth and easy when you don’t have to pay the driver with cash and look for change. Although, Uber also has a cash payment option on their platform.

– There is a rating system integrated into your Uber app. This is to ensure the quality of service is maintained by both riders and drivers. As a driver, you can rate your passengers. As a passenger, you can also rate your driver. This is a two-way system that ensures that both parties are on their best behavior. A rider or driver with consistently low ratings can get booted off the platform.

How Much Does An UberX Ride Cost?

Uber has developed an interesting algorithm for determining the price of its rides. This algorithm gives an estimate of how much your ride would cost even before you start. It takes some factors into account before it arrives at this amount. These factors are:


The cost of every UberX ride and every Uber ride is greatly affected by how far the trip is. The longer the trip, the more you pay. The algorithm also factors in things like traffic congestion.


There is also a charge for the time it takes for a trip to be completed. The longer the trip takes, the more UberX charges under time. This is important for trips that pass through congested roads. The car is not actually moving, so there would be no distance charge, but the time is ticking.

Base Fare

This is the minimum amount of money that can be paid for a ride, regardless of how far or how long the trip is. This is a fixed amount that is the same for every UberX ride.

Booking fee

This is another fixed amount that is added to the price of the fare.

These variable factors make it hard to determine how much an average UberX ride costs. The basic rule of thumb here is that the longer and farther it is, the higher the cost. The great thing about riding with UberX is that you can see an estimate of the cost of the ride beforehand. So you are not blindsided by the cost at the end of the trip.


UberX is one rideshare service that has appealed to many, both riders and drivers alike. Riders love it because of the convenience, comfort, safety and affordability. Drivers like it because the requirements are easy to meet. It also offers them an opportunity to earn extra income with relative ease. No wonder Uber has kept the service around for so long. It is interesting to note that UberX drivers can earn passive income by displaying rideshare adverts to their passengers as well. They simply have to register with a credible Rideshare Advertising company like Tappin X. Then, they will start getting relevant and targeted ads they can show their riders. Drivers get paid based on the number of views and engagements the ads generate.

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